Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How He Loves

It's a really great song. And it's the truth.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Bonding Update

We are still working on bodning. We've tried "bathtub bonding" (being in a strange area -like the bathtub- together promotes a bond and positive feelings toward each other) and have been able to go for longer and longer periods of time. When Holly and Jude were able to last for an hour to an hour and a half in the tub together without Holly trying to bite Jude's face, we put them both in the same hutch together. The hutch has two sections and I divided the sections with a wire door. Each Bun got a section to play in, but they could still see and smell each other through the door. I monitored this and saw some pretty good signs!

Holly HATES being away from her house. So being in a new environment was probably pretty stressful for her. Jude was trying to lick her and sniff her through the slits in the wire door, and really wanted some love in return. Holly was just like "get me out of here". But, she didn't seem aggressive toward Jude, which is progress! Yay!

For a few hours, I bring both bunnies on the couch with me. I pet them and talked to them and let them interact with each other and run around a bit. I didn't see any biting or fighting. Jude tried to groom Holly, and Holly tolerated it nicely. We all hung out and watched Glee together, and it was really nice.

Last night, They stayed in the 2 room hutch for an even longer period of time. While I cleaned the kitchen, did dishes, folded laundry and hung out in the living room, they hung out in their divided cage. I stayed up pretty late, and napped on the couch, listening for them. There were no signs of aggressiveness, and they seem to be adjusting nicely. (I think Hef was a little lonely in his hutch by himself though. He was monitoring the Ladies' activity as much as I was. He would look around all sad like "Hey? Where are my girls?" and every time he heard a noise coming from the Girls' hutch, he'd climb to the highest part of his hutch and try to see what's going on.)

So today, I took out the wire door dividing the hutch. There is just one big space for Holly and Jude to run around in and play. I've been monitoring them for a couple of hours. They've been napping and eating. Holly has been letting Jude groom her, and hasn't tried to bit her.

The biggest test will be when we try putting all three of them in the big two-story hutch together (that's where we hope they'll all live eventually). Holly and Hef can be pretty protective of their space, so it might take a little longer to get everyone comfortable with that. And, I am a little concerned about re-introducing them all after Jude is spayed next month. (She'll have to be by herself for a while to limit her running around so she can heal).

Hopefully everything works out, and all three of our Crazy Buns will be head over heels for each other. ::fingers crossed::