Saturday, March 27, 2010

Walkie, Talkie

Huz and I wanted to enjoy the beautiful sun on this gorgeous Saturday, so we took a little walk to a local park where we wanted to read our Bible and journal together. The park is only like three blocks away so we held hands and took our time. I love that I married a guy who I can talk to about anything and everything. While picking up "wishes" along the way (dandelions), we chatted about books, our future dream home, The Buns, gardening, politics, God, angels, puppies (seems like a lot.... we must have walked reeeeeally slow).

I always enjoy his company, but for some reason taking a walk on a sunny day always reminds me how much. After almost 10 years, we still find things to talk about and surprise each other with. It seems like we've grown up with each other, but are still discovering new and exciting stuff together. I love that.

On the way home, we passed by a bush full of pretty purple flowers, so I took a picture because they looked so happy. And just looking at the picture makes me smile because I love that I got to spend a golden afternoon walking and talking with the man of my dreams. And I smile even bigger because I ge to do it all over again tomorrow!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter pictures!

A few months ago, my aunt and Grandma gave me the basket that was used for one of my first Easters. They said that since I was the first grandchild, my grandparents, aunts, and uncles went crazy and stuffed the basket full of gifts for me until it was almost taller than me! (I was a totally spoiled child).

I found the basket in our garage, spruced it up a little bit with some ribbon and filled it up for MY babies. We set it up in the back yard, gave them a carrot to share, and they posed for a few pictures for us. Huz took the photos while I cheered the buns on (just FYI, I would be a horrible stage mom). I think they hope that every bunny GETS an Easter basket instead of being part of an easter basket. Aren't my bunnies gorgeous!

Gardening Day!

Today was Garden Day! Huz and I put on ugly old clothes and tried to hide our black thumbs from the poor plants we chose. I didn't want to scare them. I really hope the best, but I think these little guys know their fate. If we succeed, we eat them. If we fail, they die. It must suck to be at the bottom of the food chain.

First, we prepped everything. This is part of our little backyard with our patio furniture, and our little garden corner. And of course, Hef running around under the table. I think he's already plotting on how to eat all of my plants without sharing. Stingy rabbit.

And now, a closeup of my herbs and the little pots I painted.... and my sparkly pink nail polish. The herbs will go on the window sill in the kitchen

While Huz and I were working hard, Hef and Holly ran around, hung out in their play house, and played with their toys.

Huz planting our chiles (Ooooh, I hope we get a lot so we can have homemade salsa for a long time!):
And then, just add water! Soon we'll have strawberries, oranges, bell peppers, chiles, squash, herbs, and hopefully salad greens and onions. I can't wait! (in case you're wondering, the buns went into their outside hutch so we could bring them inside. It started getting cold!)
Happy Gardening from our family to yours!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Real Bunnies are not Easter Toys

When Huz and I adopted Hef and Holly, it was a few weeks after Easter and the shelter was filled with rabbits that had been dropped off after the novelty of an "Easter Bunny" had worn off. All those poor babies were left there when parents and children realized that Buns are actually a lot more work than they thought.

Children and rabbits aren't always the best combo. House rabbits are not meant to be alone, outside in a cage all day and all night. Bunnies are very social, and need to be with the family. And yes, they are so adorable and look cuddly, but bunnies don't really like to be picked up. In the wild, if they're picked up, it's usually by a bird or some other animal trying to eat it! Totally scary!

So, I know you guys, my awesome friends and family would never think to do anything stupid like giving a bunny to a child for Easter. But please, please, please if you know somebody who would, let them know that it's a horrible idea. Give Junior a chocolate bunny, or a little stuffed animal bunny. Or take him to pose for pictures with that scary-ass guy in a bunny costume at the mall. But don't give a rabbit at Easter.

After Easter, if they've done the proper research and are really ready to have a bunny as a part of their family, then they should ADOPT a rabbit from their local shelter (which will probably be over-run with buns dropped off by people who don't have awesome, informative friends like us).

Please see:
for more information.
Thank you!
Love, Huz, Hef, Holly, and me =)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Huz & the Buns

Huz and I spent the day being Ward and June Cleaver-like. Huz went to the home improvement store and worked with power tools on fixing the buns' house (Houdini Hef chewed through some of the wood and has been slipping out of the back of their house to take midnight walks around the kitchen. Bad Bunny!). So Huz took care of that. I went to the craft store and bought paint and brushes and painted some flower pots for my herbs. I bought some little rosemary, basil, oregano, and thyme plants that I'll put in my cute pots and place on my window sill in the kitchen. I'm excited to use fresh herbs in my cooking! And, I'll try to post a pic of the finished pots after they dry and have the plants in them.

After Huz fixed the cage, we put the buns back in and gave them some chew treats. No matter how many treats we give them, they'll still pick one and fight over it! They chase each other around, trying to get that treat back. As soon as one gets it and takes a bite, the other one will snatch it away and run! Then, the first one will look around surprised like "Hey! What the heck happened to my chewy?!" and chase the other bun trying to get it. Huz and I are right by the cage, trying to tell them "Guys! There's more treats! You don't have to fight!" But, I guess they'd still rather battle it out.

Huz loves to watch them play and chase each other. He gives me a play by play while I'm in the other room. "Hun! Hef has the treat! He's trying to run upstairs so Holly won't get it! She blocked him! Good job Holly! Watch out! Hef is going to get it from you! Hef is going to get it from her Hun!". Isn't he adorable? =)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dog & Owner look alikes

Oh, I almost forgot! Huz and I went to the farmers market yesterday, and right when we were walking in, we saw 3 sets of dog/owner combos who totally looked like each other! It was sooooo funny, and we were cracking up as we walked into the market. It seemed like it was one pair after another! Huz even said, "I wonder if there's like some kind of look alike parade or something because this is too weird to be a coincidence."

The first pair was a big buff black guy and his really beautiful, dark pit bull. The pit bull was totally buff too, so I'm sure they are work out buddies. They both seemed happy to be out and about on such a nice Sunday. It was awesome!

The next set was a super tall and lanky white guy. On the end of his leash was this white and tan dog that looked kind of like a greyhound or something (maybe a whippit? I don't really know dog breeds that well). They were both so bouncy and walked so fast! But, before they rushed by, I saw that they definitely looked like each other! So cute!

Finally, as we were about to begin our grocery shopping, we saw this really short white lady with light brown hair wearing a track suit. Next to her was this adorable, tan, little-legged corgi. They were like a match made in heaven! Adorable!

Huz and I were giggling like little kids. I hope someday we get to have a dog that looks like us.
Mine will probably look like this:
(pic from
and Huz's will look like this:

(I can't remember where this one is from. If it's yours, let me know)

Haha! It makes me laugh just thinking about it!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is this a kissing post?

I'm just warning you. This is a mushy-gushy, lovey-dovey post. It contains all kinds of mushy goodness. You may feel queasy after reading. I'm a nice friend, that's why I thought to warn you.

So, I pretty much have the most awesome Huz ever. You have no idea what it means to be treated like a princess until you've been married to this guy. Yes, we're SuperDorks, and laugh at stupid stuff, and we make fun of one another or act like jerks to each other sometimes. But really, Huz loves me so stinkin much that it's insane. I love him just a little more than that (I always have to win).

Recently I've been having these weird dreams about time travel (hear me out before you roll your eyes okay!) I know that sounds majorly nerdy, but it's not like The Time Traveler's Wife or Back to the Future or anything. I'm not working on any scientific formula. I just dream about my regular old life, and how things might have changed if I had made different choices. The different scenarios that play out in my head during these dreams range from pretty major (like when I lost my virginity) to stupid little things (like wishing I had worn different socks in middle school).

It's all been very strange because I have always tried to focus on what's going on now, and what's ahead instead of the past. Other than talking about really good memories, or funny anectdotes, I don't think about the past that often at all... especially not in the detail that these dreams were in. I was thinking of people and places and even outfits and hair styles that I haven't thought about in years! Soooo weird!

Anyway, so I was thinking about one of these dreams the other night. I was in the living room, folding laundry (yes, sometimes trophy wives must fold socks), while I was lost in my thoughts. Huz was sitting on the other couch, watching some show involving shooting or warriors or gangs or sharks or paranormal activity or pawn shops or something. I don't remember. I was thinking about our wedding day, and how I kind of wish I had chosen a different song for our first dance. Our wedding was super fun, and I loved it, but one of my dreams involved a different song during our first dance, and I liked it better than the actual one we used.

So during the commercial (I'm a nice wife like that), I turned to Huz and said, "I kind of wish we had used 'Kiss Me' by Sixpence None The Richer for our first dance song". Then I went back to folding laundry. I didn't really expect an answer or anything. I figured he would shake his head or just say "Oh. Okay." and go on watching his show. Instead, he said "Okay. Then that's the song we used."

(This is where the mushy-gushiness comes into play)

I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but to me, that answer spoke so much about how he loves me. The man would transcend space and time just to make me happy. It doesn't matter what we really danced to, or what our approximately 135 guests heard and saw, or what our wedding video shows. If I wanted us to dance to "Kiss Me", then we did. If that's what makes me happy, and lets him see me smile, then that's what he wants. Because I am the most important thing to him.

Okay, so maybe I'm reading a little too much into it. Maybe I'm getting all psycho hosebeast. Maybe his show was about to come back on, and he was just saying what he thought I wanted to hear so we wouldn't have to have a 20 minute conversation about a wedding song that already happened. But.... we have a DVR, so that doesn't really make sense. It must be the he-loves-me-more-than-life-itself answer. It's gotta be.

So there you have it. I am one of the luckiest girls in the whole world, and my husband is amazing. I really lucked out. We are cheesy and dorky and crazy, and absolutley, disgustingly in love. And that's the way uh-huh uh-huh I like it.

I love you Huz!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A note to people who are jerks

Dear people who bug me,

You know who you are. You're the ones who have to have the last comment in a conversation that tops everyone else's. You think your answer to a question is so superior and you are so smug when you reply. Guess what? You stopping the conversation is not clever or awesome... it's annoying. You are not some great thinker who just happened to pull out the best answer ever... you're a jerk. We're all talking and having a conversation and it's fun. When there is that awkward silence after your answer, it's not because we're standing in awe of you and thinking how smart you look. We're thinking that you're an A-hole and wish we hadn't tried to be nice to you. Some examples you say? Sure! Here are some scenarios!:

1. Me: "Oh Wow! Your baby is due soon! That's great! Have you picked a name?
Annoying person: "Yes. We're not telling/ we're keeping it a secret."
What I want to say: "Oh really? Because I am just DYING to know. I can't live without knowing because I really care that much about what you name your little anklebiter (not). Seriously Dude, can't you just lie a little like a normal person and say 'Oh, we haven't decided yet' instead of trying to make me feel unworthy of knowing your spawn's name? Really, I was just asking to be polite."

2. Me: "Happy New Year! Have you made any New Year Resolutions?"
Annoying Person: with superior attitude "My New Year Resolution is to not make resolutions."
What I want to say: "Oh wow! That's so clever! Did you just make that up, because I TOTALLY haven't ever heard that before! (not) Dude, just say no. That's all. Or make a little effort and just make one up. I don't care. You don't have to be an ass about it."

3. Me: Oh! You're pregnant! Congrats! Are you hoping for a boy/girl or that the baby gets her curly hair/his dimples?
Annoying Person: "Oh, we just want a healthy baby"
What I want to say: "Oh really? Because I thought everyone would rather have a cute one than a healthy one (not)! I didn't know it was an either/or type of thing... Good thing you put in the healthy request thing, because with you two as parents, the baby's going to look like a beast anyway. You know you can still have opinions about the baby right? You can think it might have blue eyes like the dad, or be athletic like the mom. That's what I wanted to talk about. Not hear your cliche and stupid smug answer. I pretty much already gathered you wanted a healthy kid. But you know what, I don't really care that much, so good luck with your monkey baby.

4. Me: "Happy Valentine's Day!"
Annoying Person: "Ugh, I hate Valentine's Day. It's just a meaningless commercial holiday that capitalist pigs have put into play so the unsuspecting masses pump millions of dollars into the card business. If you really love someone, you should show them love all year long and not just on that one stupid, made up day!"
Me: "Oh! No kidding? So I guess my husband failed when he got me that Valentine's Day card that said "Here's your card, better make it last all year Biotch". Because I had no idea that once we started celebrating Valentines Day, it meant that he didn't have to love me the rest of the year. We totally only talk to each other on that day, because I thought THAT is how a meaningful relationship works".

That's all I can think of now. I don't know why stupid people have been bugging me lately. Now, I know none of you actually reading this are stupid (because you are my friends, and I do not have stupid friends lol) But, I'm sure you know someone who is a stupid, annoying person. So, feel free to sign this letter too ;)

Signed with love,
Crazy Bunny Lady