Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

(don't shoot your eye out!)

Love, The Crazy Bunny Family

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

50 books in 2010 update

I officially know there is no way on God's green earth that I will finish 22 more books in about 3 weeks. I tried. I blame "Wicked". That book was so boring. I absolutely loved the play (like seriously love) but I've been reading the book for like 5 years and just cannot get through it. I tried it again, determined to like it (or at least finish it). I read it for 6 weeks and just couldn't stand it anymore. I'm about half-way done. Maybe next year.

I also blame "Alice I Have Been" by Melanie Benjamin. I borrowed the audio book from the library, and listened to it at night while I cleaned or folded laundry. I even put it in my iPod and tried to listen to it on the plane ride to Texas. I didn't like it. It made me super uncomfortable, and was just really weird to listen to. I wasted another 3 weeks on that audio book, and didn't even finish it.

I also blame my Droid X. It's really sad, but I noticed that I stopped reading as much after I got a Smartphone (sooooo ironic, right!). It turned my brain to mush. Instead of reading before class starts (Oh yeah, I also blame going back to school!) I check my Facebook. Instead of reading on long car rides, or in the doctor's waiting room, or while I eat (or sometimes, instead of talking to my poor Huz ::sadface::) I played Angry Birds/ Sudoku/ Abduction!/ Alchemy. Instead of reading a chapter before bed, I caught up on the blogs I follow. My Smartphone made me a dummy. I feel sad about that. I've seriously only read like 4 books since I got the phone (in July). That sucks.

I guess I'll just have to finish out the year strong (I'm reading "No Greater Love" by Mother Teresa right now and really love it!) and start over again in 2011! That sounds like a good year to read books. And now, I'm warmed up! :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I took The Buns to see Santa today

At a local pet supply store, volunteers with SaveABunny do free tail trimmings for rabbits every few weeks, so I brought the buns to get a mani/pedi. I also found out that the store was doing Pet Pictures with Santa for a small donation (which benefited the SVACA). I was really excited, and could not pass up an opportunity to cheese it up with my Buns. I realize that this catapulted me to new dimensions of craziness. I hope you can still love me.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Someday my house

will look like this at Christmas:

These are pics from Bakerella's blog. I absolutely love her. She is amazing. And, I guess she has amazing friends, because these Christmas decorations are fabulous! I would love to decorate my house like this. But then, I'd never ever want to put my Christmas decorations away!

100th post!

This is my 100th post! Yay! Exciting stuff!

Thank you guys for reading my blog. It's been a fun way to share and feel connected to my friends. I really appreciate the comments, encouragement, inspiration and hugs I get here and from all the blogs I follow. And even though my life is not terribly exciting, and I often talk about nothing in particular, you guys make me feel loved. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Breakfast in Bed Cupcakes

I absolutely love cupcakes. My kitchen is decorated with them, and I have clothes, accessories, and makeup that are cupcake related. I love baking them. But I don't really like to blog about the cupcakes I bake. I have friends who have baking blogs, and their amazing cupcakes completely blow mine out of the water. Yeah, my friends are pretty freaking talented.

Anyway, my church did a Bake Off Auction this Sunday. A bunch of ladies and gentlemen in the church baked some delicious goodies which were auctioned off to raise money for our Christmas production. And the baker of the goodie that sold for the highest amount got a really cool custom apron. It was a lot of fun.

There were some delicious-looking goodies there. The smell was amazing, and I wish I could have tasted a bit of everything. I wanted to bid on them all!

My contribution was two dozen "Breakfast in Bed" themed cupcakes. I made Peaches and Cream cupcakes with diced peaches and a creamy center, topped with home made vanilla buttercream and a peach (see how it looked like sunnyside up eggs?! ::wink::) I also made French Toast Cupcakes with home made maple buttercream and hickory smoked bacon on top. It was so fun to put my display together and make it look like a real breakfast! And, it was really cool to hear people's comments about how creative and fun they were. I was really proud!

My cupcakes didn't win, but they did make $40 for the fundraiser. The winner was a five-tiered strawberry short cake (tall cake?) that sold for $100! It's okay though. When you're earning money for a great cause, second place still tastes sweet. ;) And there's always next year right?!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What if I gave everything?

I don’t wanna go through the motions
I don’t wanna go one more day
Without Your all consuming passion inside of me
I don’t wanna spend my whole life asking
"What if I had given everything
Instead of going through the motions?"

No regrets
Not this time
I’m gonna let my heart defeat my mind
Let Your love
Make me whole
I think I’m finally feeling something

‘Cause just ok
Is not enough
Help me fight through the nothingness of life

~ Matthew West

How do those ladies

on the face wash commercials splash the water on their face like that? Their super powerful hands send up a huge wave of water in slow-mo and wash all that soap cleanly away. How do they do it?!

When I was little, I tried to wash my face like that. I scooped up a bunch of water in my hands and threw it up at my face. It did not all of a sudden go into slow-mo and make my face clean and beautiful. The water made the soap go in my eyes, I felt like I was drowning for about 3 seconds, and my mom got super-duper mad at me for getting water all over the bathroom.

Is it weird that I think about these ladies and their face wash commercials every time I scoop up water and try to wipe the soap off my face? (I'm still too scared to try splashing it again. It would be really embarrassing to drown in my own sink).

Friday, November 19, 2010


Huz and I had some of his cousins over tonight. With them came three boys, two 2-year-olds and a 1-year-old. All walking. All loud. All drooling and sticky and wanting to touch everything. And all completely adorable and fun.

Huz and I are NOT used to a lot of noise. Our house is usually pretty quiet. On a normal day, we'll light some candles and have a mellow or fun Pandora station on while we go about our routine. Or we watch TV or read or just talk together. But it's usually pretty low key and calm. Our bunnies don't really make noise, and my Huz is a pretty quiet guy. We're used to peace and quiet around here. I'm not sure what we were expecting with three Little Ones in the house, but I know we were unprepared.

We have a toy box with a bunch of pretty cool toys because sometimes our Godkids come over to play. I really thought we were ahead of the game for even having toys. I forgot that every other part of our house is not child-friendly. I had to make several trips from the living room to my craft room carrying our breakable stuff. I had to remember that it wasn't the end of the world when there were chips and crumbs ground into my carpet and drool and little toddler-sized hand prints on my furniture. I had to look to the kids' moms for confirmation that the very loud noises the boys were making were completely normal and nothing to be scared about. And I had to comfort the poor Buns and give them extra treats after everyone left, because I'm pretty sure they were all "WTH is this?!"

So, I'm not competely used to the whole kid thing. And our current lifestyle is definitely not conducive to having one. It'll happen when it's the right time, but tonight, I felt way in over our head. It was cuh-razy. But really a ton of fun. Seeing the boys play together, share, ask me to come help them with a toy, hearing them giggle at the bunnies and having a blast with each other and us... it was fabulous.

I definitely have to hand it to parents. I don't know how you guys run around with your kids all day every day. I don't know how you do it with or without an 8+ hour workday thrown in there. Huz and I played with these boys for like 2 hours and we're exhausted. Huz has his leg up and iced, I took two Tylenol to help my pounding head, and I am about to curl up in bed under my blankets with a heating pad and listen to the soft soothing sounds of the rain outside. We are total lightweights.

The three boys.

I'm pretty sure we'll be finding blocks and balls in random places for the next week.

Blanket Fort

Last night, Huz and I watched one of the funniest shows on TV: "Community". It makes me laugh every week! In the show, Troy and Abed (such a dynamic duo) make the world's most awesome Blanket Fort. As soon as the show ended, Huz and I looked at each other and yelled out "Blanket Fort!" We rearranged the couches, raided our blanket closet, gathered every pillow in the house, grabbed a lantern and built our own blanket fort in the living room. We brought Jude in on the fun too (Hef and Holly were so not amused with us). We had a lot of fun in our fort, and it made me so glad that I have a Husband who not only goes along with such crazycakes ideas, but thinks them up too. =)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My favorite sound in the world

has to be my Gorgeous Huz singing worship songs along with Pandora while vacuuming the living room. I love you Babe.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Feline AIDS

I feel like a lot of people are being so negative lately. It's really bringing me down. It's making me want to withdraw and avoid them. When I hear or read things from people that are all cynical and pessimistic and complainy, it puts me in a bad mood, and then I find myself being negative. What a bummer.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hanging Out

Last night, I was sitting in the living room studying when I glanced over and saw all my bunnies just looking at me. I'm not sure if they were daydreaming about how lucky they have it and how happy they are, or if they are in cahoots and have some evil plot for revenge going on. I snapped a pic with my phone to document it either way.

On the left in her own hutch is Jude. She's still recovering from the spay, but I think she's feeling a little better every day. She moves around more and just begs to be petted and picked up. We can't pick her up for another few days (sadface), but we sit next to her hutch and talk to her and pet her and give her treats. She loves attention.

At the top of the two story cottage is The Boss, Hef (maybe we should start calling him Jefe). He's always up there, surveying the land, checking out his kingdom... and trying to be the first one to spot when a treat is on it's way. If he hears the fridge door open, or the rustling of packaging, he's runs up there.

Holly kind of blends in, but she's at the bottom of the cottage, just taking it easy. She gets a lot of beauty rest. She likes to lay in her bed and not be bothered. And if something doesn't go the way she thinks it should, she'll stomp. She and Veruka Salt have that in common. I wonder if Holly wants a bean feast.

Sometime soon, we'd like to get a third story for the cottage hutch and have all three bunnies bonded so they can live in there together. Jude's hutch is our outdoor one (The Buns' cabana if you will. They'd go in and drink water or grab a snack while playing in the yard) and I'd like to get it back outside asap. Crossing our fingers that bonding goes well after Jude heals completely!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Spay Day Jude!

Well, she's not having a happy day right now, but it's all for the best.

My loving little baby bunny is in her hutch, eating strawberries and bananas. Those are sweet treats to Buns. I think it's like giving ice cream to kids who get their tonsils out. As long as she's eating and keeping up her strength and getting better, I'm happy.

We were up early this morning and took Jude to the clinic for her spay appointment. I was really super nervous leaving her there, and almost cried on the way home. I know I'm crazy. I was a nervous wreck all day. I'm afraid of what I'll be like when we have a human baby. Yikes.

We picked her up about 8 hours later, and I could tell she was tired and in pain and out of it from the meds. Her eyes were half closed, and she was trying not to move. And she didn't try to lick our hands so we'd pet her. I was really sad. We're instructed to keep her in her hutch, in a dark and quiet place with soft blankets and towels, her hay, water, and a few treats that she might enjoy, and keep her calm. We're doing our best to comply and let her have time to rest and heal. Huz wants to go check on her and bug her every 10 minutes. He's just concerned. He's a Crazy Bunny Guy

Jude's moving slowly around her cage. We put everything she needs really close together so she wouldn't have to move much, and I think that's helping. I feel so bad that she's in pain. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it. I almost chickened out at the last minute and said "Do we really need to spay her? Our other bunnies are fixed, and I won't let her wander off or anything!" Huz reminded me that it's the responsible thing to do for Jude and her health. I know he's right.

So she has to stay in her cage by herself to heal for about five more days. And she can't be around the other buns for about two weeks. We will definitely be spoiling her and making sure she's as comfy and happy as possible.

Feel better my sweet little Bun!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How He Loves

It's a really great song. And it's the truth.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Bonding Update

We are still working on bodning. We've tried "bathtub bonding" (being in a strange area -like the bathtub- together promotes a bond and positive feelings toward each other) and have been able to go for longer and longer periods of time. When Holly and Jude were able to last for an hour to an hour and a half in the tub together without Holly trying to bite Jude's face, we put them both in the same hutch together. The hutch has two sections and I divided the sections with a wire door. Each Bun got a section to play in, but they could still see and smell each other through the door. I monitored this and saw some pretty good signs!

Holly HATES being away from her house. So being in a new environment was probably pretty stressful for her. Jude was trying to lick her and sniff her through the slits in the wire door, and really wanted some love in return. Holly was just like "get me out of here". But, she didn't seem aggressive toward Jude, which is progress! Yay!

For a few hours, I bring both bunnies on the couch with me. I pet them and talked to them and let them interact with each other and run around a bit. I didn't see any biting or fighting. Jude tried to groom Holly, and Holly tolerated it nicely. We all hung out and watched Glee together, and it was really nice.

Last night, They stayed in the 2 room hutch for an even longer period of time. While I cleaned the kitchen, did dishes, folded laundry and hung out in the living room, they hung out in their divided cage. I stayed up pretty late, and napped on the couch, listening for them. There were no signs of aggressiveness, and they seem to be adjusting nicely. (I think Hef was a little lonely in his hutch by himself though. He was monitoring the Ladies' activity as much as I was. He would look around all sad like "Hey? Where are my girls?" and every time he heard a noise coming from the Girls' hutch, he'd climb to the highest part of his hutch and try to see what's going on.)

So today, I took out the wire door dividing the hutch. There is just one big space for Holly and Jude to run around in and play. I've been monitoring them for a couple of hours. They've been napping and eating. Holly has been letting Jude groom her, and hasn't tried to bit her.

The biggest test will be when we try putting all three of them in the big two-story hutch together (that's where we hope they'll all live eventually). Holly and Hef can be pretty protective of their space, so it might take a little longer to get everyone comfortable with that. And, I am a little concerned about re-introducing them all after Jude is spayed next month. (She'll have to be by herself for a while to limit her running around so she can heal).

Hopefully everything works out, and all three of our Crazy Buns will be head over heels for each other. ::fingers crossed::

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bunny Bonding Update

When two bunnies meet, it's not always love at first sight. They can be very territorial and aggressive. When Hef and Holly met each other, there was some sniffing and a little bit of biting... and then they literally bonded overnight. They fell completely in love with each other. We were lucky.

Bonding with a third bunny is a little more complicated. The dynamics are totally different. Hef and Holly's whole life as been turned upside down. And poor Jude just wants to be friends. It's taken more time with this bonding experience, but I know it will be worth it.

During the evening, Huz and I (or just me if he's at work) will open up the Buns' hutch doors and sit on the kitchen floor. When they're ready, they come out and walk around, come get a treat from us (usually some cilantro, or a grape, or a piece of dried apple or banana) and run around the kitchen. Well, Hef will run around. Queen Holly doesn't even want to leave her bed sometimes. Actually, I give her credit. She's been coming out to play more often. And Jude will explore a little, and then then come sit on my lap. Then, get brave again, go out and explore a little bit more, and then come back and lie next to me. It's adorable.

So, through these carefully monitored playtimes, we've made some progress. Hef (the most dominant bunny) no longer snaps at or chases Jude. He will sniff her, lounge next to her, and I even caught him licking her fur once! (but I think it might have been because she dribbled some grape juice on it by accident ::shrugs::) Jude is very careful around him, and will approach him gently, sniff at him, and attempt a little cuddle. But if he moves or she hears him make any noise, she'll run like hell. Sometimes, one of them will accidently make a quick movement, which will startle the second one and make him/her jump back quickly, which makes the first one freak out and run.... and they both end up running in opposite directions at top speed over nothing. I'm glad they're getting to know each other, and neither is outright attacking. I choose to see it as a positive sign.

Now, Jude's attempts to win over Holly have not been as successful. Holly has always been very shy and timid. But, with a new girl hanging around, we've seen that she can get a little aggressive as well. If Jude comes near her, or her house, she'll try to bite her fur. Jude immediately runs away. I've kept a really close eye on those two, and won't leave them alone together. I'm hoping that eventually, Holly will get used to Jude and they will all get along so well that we can keep them in one hutch.

This pic was taken yesterday. They were distracted by some yummy cilantro and forgot to be suspicious of each other for a minute.

Our Crazy Bunny Family...

is now officially one bunny crazier. =)

Huz and I decided that we just fell in love with sweet little Jude a bit too much to place her with someone else. She belongs here with us, and this is her home. We're so happy to have her (and we realize that adding another bunny makes us completely certifiable. We're cool with that.)

In case you forgot, I checked with our vet, and it was going to cost $500 dollars for us to get Jude spayed there. Yeah, you read that right. 500 benjamins, c-notes, bucks, smackeroos, bones, clams, greenbacks, dead presidents...that is a lot of sweet moolah. So, I made some calls and found the Palo Alto Spay and Neuter Clinic. They gave me an estimate of $85. So now we have a Spay Day set up for Jude. I'm really excited about that! (I don't think Jude shares my enthusiasm).

So here begins life as we know it... with three bunnies!

Welcome to the family Jude!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hey Jude

Well, we've had Jude for a little over a week. This bunny has been amazing and full of surprises.

First of all ::drumroll please:: Jude is a girl! We took her to the vet for a check up, nail trim, and to get her sexed and see if by some good fortune she was already fixed. The vet said she is a girl and not fixed. =( So, I'm trying to make calls and get info about low cost spay clinics in my area (it will cost $500 to get her spayed at our regular vet).

It's super important to me that Jude gets spayed both so she doesn't end up contributing to rabbit overpopulation, and so she has a long and happy life with a lower risk for cervical and uterine cancers. Hopefully I can find a lower cost clinic soon!

Other news is that we've introduced Jude to Hef and Holly. Huz and I have been sitting on the floor with Jude and Hef and Holly and monitoring their "playtime". Hef and Holls are still very territorial and while they tolerate Jude, they aren't in love with her. They'll be around her for a while (if we bribe them with food), but Hef will chase her away once in a while or scare her. I feel bad because Jude is so loving and you can tell that she is really curious and wants to go make friends with the other bunnies. Since they're not really playing with her, she's taken to Huz and me. She wants to be right next to us. If we scooch away, even a bit, she'll move even closer. She'll crawl into Huz's lap and take a little nap. She loves when we pet her head or ears, and rewards us by licking us and "grooming" us right back. She's super affectionate and very social, and just the sweetest thing.

I've said it before, and it's so true- spending lots of time with bunnies allows you to experience how different they each are. It's been so fun to have an affectionate lap bunny who loves on us right back. I always thought Hef and Holly loved us, but I've had to come to terms with the fact that my bunnies are total fatties. They are very treat motivated and often when I think they're loving on me or excited to see us... they really just want to know if we have any food for them. That's the extent of their interest in us. It's okay with me because they're a lot of fun, and I love them. I'm just glad I finally realize my place in this relationship. ;)

So, tomorrow we have a date to meet a potential adoptive Mom for Jude. Honestly, part of me really hopes that everything goes smoothly and that tomorrow we find her forever home. Jude deserves a place of her own to run around and do happy bunny dances in. And she is such a happy, loving bunny that I know she'll make any Bunny Mama proud. I know first hand that she is a wonderful, amazing rabbit.

I think that's why the other part of me, the selfish part, wants to keep Jude. I feel like WE could make amazing parents to her too. I know we'd do a great job, and I know she's happy here. I love how she comes to the front of her hutch in the morning, waiting for me to pet her. Even when I offer a bit of carrot, or a grape, or cilantro, she's happy to ignore it if I'll just scratch that spot behind her ears. And she LOVES Huz. Loves his lap, his pets, and loves to lick his hand. He's grown very attached to her too. He looks like a sweet little boy when he picks up that bunny and sings "Hey Jude.... don't be afraid" to her. We are smitten. We're both in love with her, and if tomorrow is the day she gets a new family, it's going to be hard to say good bye.

I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings. Now that I'm all weepy, I need to go and cuddle a sweet little bunny.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm a Foster Mama!

Huz's grandmother's neighbor got this little guy for her daughter around Easter. She named him Justin Beiber. =/
Recently, they got the little girl a $1K "designer" breed puppy, and the little girl lost interest in the bunny. They were going to go and "release" him in a local park (so not the best idea for a tame rabbit. He wouldn't even begin to know how to survive.) Huz and I took him in and are calling him Jude. We're going to try to find a fabulous home for him.

He is really a sweetheart. In just the few hours he's been here, he's starting to relax and become a bit more outgoing and curious. He loves to be pet on the head, tolerates being picked up pretty well, and likes playing with toys. That was fun for me to see, because my buns usually don't give a crap about toys (they have about a million of them, the spoiled brats! lol) He's a burrower, so he has a little t-shirt that he digs and rearanges. It's super cute.

It's so funny to see another example of how different bunnies' personalities can be! If you don't own a rabbit, it can seem like they'd all be the same (kind of what I would think about fish, because I don't have them). But, they really are different and have different interests, preferences, dislikes, favorite snacks and habits.

Hef spends all his time trying to break out of his house. And then, as soon as he's out, he wants to be in. He is super active, curious and mischeivous. He loves to chew on stuff (whether it's his or not) He really keeps us on our toes. And, he'll do anything for a treat. He recognizes the sound of the refrigerator opening, vegetables being cut, and his bag of hay being opened. And he completely expects to have something delicious presented to him immediately after hearing these noises. He is my crazy little Dennis the Menace Bunny and I love him!

My little Holly is a sweet, shy, timid little girl. She prefers to stay close to home, but will go anywhere Hef is. She is absolutely in love with him. When she gets scared or nervous, she covers her face in his fur. She gladly accepts any treat offered, and then runs over to enjoy it in her favorite spot- her bed (a girl after my own heart lol).

So that's what's new in the Crazy Bunny House. We've got a new addition for now, and I hope this is a new beginning for the little guy. My hope for him is that he gets the perfect family who will love and cuddle and play with him. As I'm typing, he's resting in my lap after the eventful day he's had. ::happy sigh:: This is the life. =)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Game Night

Tonight was Game Night at our cousins' house with our awesome P family! I love being married into such an amazing family. They've treated me like a member of the fam right from the start, and I still get warm flutteries in my tummy when I remember that I really am officially a part of the family. They're THAT awesome =)

I was asked to bring a couple of Very Important Things. Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip, and Quelf. Quelf is an amazingly awesome board game. It's super fun and super crazy. When you have the right people playing, it's the best game ever. We took it camping last month, and had a fabulous time. Tonight was even more fun. I seriously recommend this game if you want to laugh til you puke.

(pic from here)

I also brought Cupcakes. I went with a game night theme and made Popcorn Cupcakes. I got the idea from a cupcake cookbook Huz's aunt gave me for Christmas (there are some SUPER cute things in there that I want to try!) They're vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and little marshmallows arranged to look like popcorn. I placed them in the popcorn containers I bought last year in the dollar section at Target. I loved them!

I wore my Nudist Cupcake shirt. I got it on Shirt.Woot. I think it's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen. I am totally in love with it!

I slipped on my Cupcake Chucks and Huz and I ran out the door. (Only like 45 minutes late, but really, when we're with the P family, that's right on time).

(photo from here)

I had SUCH a great time! We talked and laughed and played and ate like food was going out of style. Huz talked about manly things with the men, and I tried to contol my laughter (without success) with the rest of the cousins. Oh! I also got to hold one of the cutest babies ever! Our cousin G had Baby Mason a few months ago. He is soooo cute, and I got to feed him his bottle for a little while.

All in all, a great night!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Attack of the Killer Pile of Laundry

Laundry Day*


I hate laundry. It's my enemy, my nemesis, the bane of my existance. When I finally feel like I've defeated Laundry... without fail, the next day I have nothing to wear and it starts all over again. Blah!

So while all my friends are at The Peach Pit for malt shakes, or the club to shake your groove thing or at a fair or carnival where everyone breaks out in song and dance... or wherever else my insane, Glee-loving brain imagines all you crazy kids with actual lives go... I will be tackling this Bad Boy:
Washed and clean and ready to be folded. At least I have 3 episodes of Mad Men to catch up on while folding... and I can always just put it away tomorrow right?

* Okay, really I procrastinate so much that it turns into laundry week. It's happened to you too, don't lie!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

::peeks in::

::dusts off blog::

Yikes! It's been way too long!

Of course, slacking off here means it's been super busy in real life in the Crazy Bunny House. In addition to the normal, boring work and everyday stuff, Huz and I enjoyed our anniversary and had a great time celebrating in Monterey.

We went to The City, had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, and saw Sir Paul McCartney in concert (seriously, best concert of my life!)

And of course, we went on our annual Sunset Beach week-long camping trip with Huz's fam. It was a gorgeous week!

We've had a lot of fun, and have enjoyed spending time together and with our family. Hopefully I'll be able to update with other exciting stuff soon b/c Huz has decided to make a 30 before 30 list too! And, we're both in the process of getting back into school (a major task on BOTH of our lists!)

So there you go. A short update with pictures, but not a whole lot of reading. =)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary to the Crazy Bunny Lady!

And her fabulous Huz of course! =)

Two years ago, I married a man who I believe was truly created for me. Nobody else in the whole world could ever appreciate me, love me, and really "get" me like he does. When I make a smart-ass remark or make an obscure movie reference, he is always right there with me and understands. He spoils me, he cuddles me when I'm clingy and need attention, he patiently puts up with me when I'm grumpy (and usually hungry), he encourages and praises me when I accomplish even the smallest thing. He knows everything about me and still loves me! He's seen me at my worst and has helped me to be my best. He still looks at me from across the room like he's seeing me for the first time. My Huz really is perfect for me. And every day, I still get excited when I wake up because I know I get to see him when I open my eyes.

Huz you are my best friend, the love of my life, my partner in crime, my strength, my cheerleader, the father of my future children... you are my heart and you are my world. I love you and appreciate you more than you could ever know today and always.

(so cheesy right?!)

Just like on our wedding day, I would also like to remember the brave men and women who serve our country, protect our rights, and fight for our freedom. I am a proud patriot, and I think our country is great because selfless men and women are willing to sacrifice on our behalf. I remember when Huz was in the Army, and I have so much respect and admiration for those who choose to serve. If you have a mother, father, husband, wife, son, daughter, cousin, aunt, uncle, sibling or any family member or friend who has served in the armed service, past or present, please know that I am thinking of them and praying for them today. I am grateful for their dedication and service, and for the support and sacrifice of their loved ones. And I am forever thankful to those men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Please be safe, and take a moment to be thankful for all that you have, and remember those who sacrifice so you can have it.

Love, The Crazy Bunny Lady

Monday, June 21, 2010


For weeks and weeks, I have wanted to write about how inspired I am by a blog I read. Enjoying the Small Things is an amazing blog, and I swear, I leave my desk blubbering like a baby way too often after reading. I started reading shortly after Kelle had her second daughter, and I am making my way through the blog from the beginning. The amount of love captured in her writing and photos is indescribable. I feel renewed and inspired, and hopeful for my future family after reading her posts. She has a talent for seeing the beauty and good in so many things, and not only survives what may be one of the most challenging things anyone has to face, but embraces it and counts it as her blessing.

When I read the birth story of her second daughter, Nella, I cried my eyes out. I cried more than I had in years. Her words and images really impacted me and I was left thinking about her blog for days after. She is so honest and creates beauty with her words. I appreciate her openness and the way she sees things. You can tell that she really loves life and is thankful for what she has, and I really appreciate that.

So, I really encourage you to follow her blog (if you're not already doing so). Just a warning, you may come away inspired or in tears, and probably both.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Weigh in was last night

and I'm down 4.4 pounds! Woohoo!

I was nervous b/c AF came for a visit today and I was feeling totally bloated and gross, but even with that, I lost! The WW leader called my cousin, aunt, uncle and me "The Loser Family" since we all lost weight this week. Yay us!

After the meeting, we did our C25K training. I was not feeling it =(. I'm not sure if it was AF, or b/c my ipod broke ::sadface:: or b/c I didn't eat much earlier (b/c of weigh in) but I did not have the energy. I finished it, but I didn't feel as motivated as before. I'm soooooo glad my cousins were with me because I am sure I would have quit without them motivating me (and singing to me since my ipod broke). I love you cousins!

Huz and I celebrated with pizza (I made sure it had lots of veggies and I looked up the points before so I knew how much I could have). It was sooooo good, and I felt great that I had lost weight, worked out, and got to enjoy a pizza and movie night with Huz.

My goal is to lose another 3-4 pounds this week!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Weight Watchers meeting and end of Couch to 5K week 1

So today was my first WW (weight watchers) meeting. I liked having the support of my cousin, aunt and uncle who also went. They were super encouraging and made me feel really good for being there. I hated the weighing in part (duh) but I wore my shoes and sweatshirt hoping that next week (when I show up all but naked) the numbers on that cussing scale will be waaaaay down.

Okay, if I'm honest, my impression of my very first meeting is that it feels like a cross between AA and Sunday School. I'm not an alcoholic, so it's not like I'm an AA expert. I did go to a LOT of Sunday School classes though. The little "Bonus" stickers reminded me of AA tokens or something. And the little booklet had the lesson of the day (which we followed along with on the big pad of butcher paper the leader read from in front of the class). I almost expected to color a picture of Jesus on a donkey. But, whatevs. It was interesting although a little uncomfortable. Hopefully that was just first day jitters and I'll learn a lot next time.

After WW, we did our C25K training. I have to admit that it's kind of kicking my butt. I thought it'd get easier but now I'm sore and trying to run which hurts even more. My legs and hips literally burn and then feel like jelly after. I'm so glad that I'm doing this with my family, because I know I would have quit by now if it was just me. I'm a quitter. It sucks, but it's true. I played the flute for two months and quit. I made the softball team in middle school and quit. I was captain of the lacrosse team in high school and quit. I started Project 365 and quit.... I don't know why, but I just don't keep at things.

So, after confessing this to my cousin A, she told me she would keep me accountable and help me stay on track. I will not quit, I will not quit, I will not quit. I will train and I will run a 5K on Halloween and I will wear a cool costume and I won't give up before the end!

And now, I will ask Huz nicely to rub my poor, sad, tired, hurty legs.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Couch to 5K

Yikes! I'm a jogging girl! Who let this happen?

I'll tell you who! My annoyingly adorable and convincing cousins A & N. Somehow, at a recent family get together, I was convinced it would be a good idea to start walking... and jogging... and eventually running... and maybe do a 5k race... and I think I might have even been talked into doing weight watchers... and I think I gave away my watch too (totally kidding.... they didn't talk me out of my watch. I don't even wear one. Who wears a watch nowadays? Don't we all just look at our phones?)

Anyway, my super awesome cousins and aunt and I are are going to participate in the Couch to 5K program. I am a textbook couch potato. Huz and I eat in front of the tv, use the computer while watching TV, fold clothes and clean up with the TV on.... it's my constant companion. Even when I cut back my TV time, it's still on A LOT! And I hate exercise. Buuut, I love my cousins & aunt and I love finding excuses to hang out with them. So I jumped on board. They are all the most encouraging running (jogging?) mates ever. I had fun and am actually looking forward to doing it again.

Can't wait til I'm a skinny, sexy 5K running Babe!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Holly!

Two years ago today, a sweet, shy little bundle of nerves came into our lives. We adopted our little Holly Heart from a local shelter as a buddy for Hef (and because I caught Bun fever and took one look at her and knew she was mine). She was so scared and tense the first few weeks at home, and I felt so bad for her! It takes her much longer than it does her husBun to warm up and be comfortable, but over the last two years, I've seen her come out of her shell and really love her home and place here with us. She runs and jumps and bunny-dances and plays and begs for treats. She is still a timid little lady, but she is our sweet little girl and I am so glad she is a part of our family.

We love you Holls!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Congratulations Bestie!

This adorable little guy is my Bestie's brand new son! He had a lot of people waiting to meet him and cheering on his Mama. Bestie's due date was originally in June, so right from the start (before we knew if baby would be a girl or a boy) I dubbed the cutie "Junebug". Well, he wanted to meet everyone before that, so now he's a little Love Bug.

Huz and I went to the hospital at around 3 in the morning, right after Bestie and the grandma-to-be gave us the call (er... text). Bestie's other family members joined us a little while later. I have to say, I was soooooo impressed with her. She totally rocked and kind of made giving birth look like a piece of cake. She is my hero. And her husband was a total rockstar too. I teased him a little bit and said he should be a professional birthing coach and charge people for staying so level headed. This beautiful little family did so well, and I am so incredibly blessed that I get to be a part of their lives.

Seeing the boys watching the baby was wonderful. Huz and Bestie's husband are good friends, and one of the sweetest moments was when they were both gazing in awe at little Love Bug and Huz said to Bestie's husband "So.... that's the little guy that's been kicking your wife huh?" Bestie's husband was too enamored with his new son to really be able to think of a response. It was so sweet.

So, congratulations to my amazing, strong, inspiring, fabulous Bestie on her sweet little boy. I love your little family so much, and you guys mean the world to me. I am so proud of you!

ps: this picture was shared with Bestie's permission. We all know how I feel about people sharing the birth deets before the parents get a chance to. ::side eye::
pps: In the interest of full disclosure.... I totally swiped it from the new Grandpa's FB page... so Gramps, if you don't like that I have your pic, and you read my blog and see this, let me know.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Special Games

On Friday, my co-workers and I took some of the high schoolers we work with to volunteer at the Kiwanis Club Special Games. At first, I was a little nervous about having our kids (who have issues of their own and often need extra support and guidence when we go out in the community) interact with kids who maybe look different, and face different challenges than them. I reminded them on the way over that they should treat everyone with respect and kindness, and be open to making new friends that day. They all seemed to understand and promised to be on their best behavior.

Those kids seriously blew me away. All of the them! Both our kids and the kids participating in the games... they were all so inspiring and it was such a wonderful day! Our kids were tenderhearted and so encouraging to the little ones we were helping. They held their hands, pushed their wheelchairs during the races, cheered and rooted them on. I got a little misty eyed a few times because I was so overwhelmed by the positivity that was going on around me. Our kids were able to set aside their own issues and really focus on making the athletes feel important and supported. They never once complained about the weather, about being hungry or bored, about being tired... they had such a great attitude and really let themselves enjoy the experience. I was so completely impressed with everyone.

The athletes participating in the games looooooved having our kids to help them. They had their own personal cheering squad, and had tons of people to hug, high five, and show off their ribbons to after they finished their activities. It was so inspiring to see how positive these kids are and how willing they are to face challenges. They were all smiles and I appreciated how willing they were to share their day with us. It was seriously amazing to see two such different sets of kids who face a different set of challenges come and work together and have a fabulous time doing it.

It was such an awesome day. I remember standing in the middle of the field, watching one of our girls holding hands with one of the little athletes, cheering her on as the girl ran with the braces on her legs, and thinking "this is a beautiful day that I know I will remember for a long time". It was such a wonderful reminder that love and acceptance and encouraging others is really what life is all about.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Best day ever

I would just like to go on record saying that today (well, it's now the next day so yesterday- 5/18) was the best day I've had since my wedding I think. It rocked.

I worked at my volunteer job at the pregnancy center (which I completely love!) I'm flying through my training and it just feels so right to be there. I love the girls I work with and love the women I get to help. The time flies when I'm there and I love every minute.

After work, Huz and I had sushi at one of our favorite spots. I got my favorite New Jersey rolls and they were delish. It's always a good day when sushi is involved, but it didn't stop there!

Huz took me to SF to see Wicked again! We saw it last year and I absolutely fell in love. I have the soundtrack memorized and it's one of the first ones I reach for whenever I want to listen to something that makes me happy. I looooooved seeing it again and fell in love all over. I can't believe how talented that cast is, and I love the story. I also got a Wicked charm for my charm bracelet, which I am in love with. Thank you Huz for taking me and spending time with me!

And, finally, I got to watch my ultimate celebrity crush Neil Patrick Harris on Glee. I don't want to spoil it in case you haven't seen it yet, but it was definitely my favorite episode so far. I loved everything about it and could have listened to NPH sing for hours. So fantastic!

So, that was my great day! I got to spend it with my amazing Huz doing all my favorite stuff. What more can a girl ask for?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hef learned how to get his own treats

I'm just glad he lacks the physical strength and opposable thumbs to open the fridge by himself.
(sorry about the crappy phone video and lack of lighting... we're pretty old school with our technology around here and our new "green" light bulbs take like 10 minutes before I can even see anything.)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

30 before the big Three Oh!

So far, I'm really loving 26 (I know it's only been like a week, but it's been a pretty good week!) Recently I was cleaning out my dresser and refolding and organizing my clothes. I came across a memory book I made back when I was in high school that holds tons of pictures and lists and random thoughts I had at 16. One of the lists was of stuff I wanted to do. So, 10 years later, I decided to use some of them (along with others that I have been thinking about for a long time) and make my 30 before 30 list.

In no particular order, my list of 30 things I want to do/try/accomplish before turning 30!

1. celebrate my Huz turning 30!
2.finish training and be the best counselor I can be for the pregnancy center I volunteer at
3. become and stay debt free
4. donate blood (completed on 5/6/10 and will continue to donate regularly!)
5. earn my Bachelor's degree
6. learn to use my sewing machine and make something for each of my godkids
7. knit a full scarf (I finished my very first scarf while in Texas over New Years. It was a pretty purple fluffy one that was a gift for my mom. I also taught my little sister how to knit and encouraged my other younger sister to learn to crochet. We spent the whole visit being crafty little old ladies! My second scarf was started on the flight back home! Woohoo!)
8. travel to Japan
9. Visit Las Vegas
10. bond all three bunnies together!
11. read the entire bible
12. sponsor a second child through World Vision
13. see Prince in concert
14. look into adopting a child to start our family
15. participate in a race/walk/ or run for a cause I believe in
16. declutter my life and house and recycle or donate the things I don't need anymore.
17. take a self defense class
18. make a family tree
19. write our Love Story
20. find a ministry to get involved in at church and let God use me there I am involved in our Young Adults ministry, I was involved in the Christmas Production (so fun!) and am going to be joining a Married Couples Bible Study. I'm loving it!
21. organize my recipes
22. learn Spanish
23. get into Grad school
24. organize a clothing drive for CPC
25. go on a mission trip
26. get in the best shape of my life and feel fabulous in my own skin
27. bake a cake or cupcakes from scratch
28. own my very own gun
29. be in the habit of tithing/donating at least 10% of our income, saving 10%, putting 20% toward retirement and living off only 60%
30. climb Half Dome

So much to do! I better get started! =)

Friday, May 14, 2010


So, being that I'm a super mature, responsible old lady (in my mid to late 20s! gah!) now, I've been trying to hit the gym more and make being active a bigger part of my lifestyle. I am not a girl who loves to work out. Far from it. When I told my mother in law that I can't stand going to the gym, she said "Well, I saw on some show that you can combine some work out moves with cleaning your house! You can do lunges while you vacuum or do squats and stretches while you dust!"

Really? The two things I hate doing the most in the world? And you want me to do them at the same time (instead of doing my two favorite things- eating ice cream and watching Glee?) Sorry MIL, but that's the worst idea in the history of ever. Thanks though.

But, I do have a two year pre-paid gym membership (what was I smoking again when I thought that was something I'd totally make good use of?) so it would probably be a good idea to get my cute not-so-little buns on a treadmill.

So I went. And it sucked. But not as much as it could have. I have found that being prepared helps. I love drama and playing dress up (after-Thanksgiving-dinner fashion shows were a HUGE part of my and my cousins lives. Just don't ask when the last one we did was... it's probably more recent than you'll feel comfortable knowing about.)

Anyway, I got my iPod ready with music, grabbed my "I totally belong to this gym, I even have a towel with their logo on it" towel, filled my cute water bottle up and climbed on the dreaded elliptical. I'd be a lying liar if I said that the 45 minutes flew by... but having the right music really did help. I'm not a huge fan of Ke-money sign- ha, Beyonce or Lady Gaga during my regularly scheduled activities... but once I am on that machine, it's like I'm channeling them. I'm a fame monster! My body IS too bootylicious! And I totally wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy!

Oh, I would like to use this time to scold the girl who was on the machine next to me. Hey you, Smug Jerk In The Tiny Shorts! Yeah, I covered the screen of my machine with my towel, and I hope you didn't like it! Keep your eyes on your own screen sister! It's not a damn race. Yeah, so what you ran harder than the fat girl wearing 2 sports bras struggling to breathe while whispering Destiny's Child songs on the machine next to you.... but that's only because we weren't chasing the paleta man! Pavlov's dogs have nothing on this drooling chica when those bells toll!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I want

I'm sorry Huz, but if I could, I would totally make our kitchen like this. You already know I'm halfway there. Out of my love and devotion to you, I still try to pretend that my kitchen should be suitable for a grown up.... but deep down in my pink little heart, I want this! Pink hair, pink stand mixer, pink tile, pink apron, cupcakes everywhere... I'm in love!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Bunny Lady!

Today is my 26th birthday! Huz and I are going to drive up and see my grandparents and aunt (who is totally my "twin") and the fam and have dinner with them. I'm so excited! I haven't seen my grandparents in what seems like forever, and it's nice to be able to go up there when it's not for a holiday or something.

I'm also excited because I'm picking up some cupcakes from Jen's Cakes. I love Jen's cakes! We first met Jen when we picked her to bake our wedding cake almost 2 years ago. Since then, we've used her for Huz and my birthday cakes, our goddaughter's 1st birthday cake, baby shower cakes, my cousin's birthday and wedding cakes.... and other events that I know I'm forgetting at the moment. Anyway, the point is that I looooove Jen and her fabulous cakes (and so does everyone else who comes to our parties and tries them!) She is sweet, and has the cutest little family! And yummy cakes of course.

So tomorrow we'll pick up cupcakes and go visit the family. And after my birthday.... I'm thinking about making some serious changes. I'm a girl with big dreams you know. I have a lot I want to accomplish, and I know if I set my mind and heart to it I can totally do it. I'm just a total procrastinator and get distracted sooooo easily, that by the time my day ends I'm like "What the heck! Where did the time go? I haven't even started on my list!"

Huz and I really want to make an effort to start living the life we want now. We always say "someday when we get a house" or "In the future when we have the money/time/ finally get around to it". That is just not going to cut it. There is no good reason why we shouldn't start doing some of the stuff we want and accomplishing some of our goals and going after our dreams now. I just need to cut down on or kick my 7th Heaven/ facebook/Mall World/Family Feud/nesting/ vegging in front of the tv/ look up random funny stuff online habit. I'm going to start limiting my time on the computer and in front of the telly (which will be toooootally hard b/c I love to keep up with my friends... both online, IRL, and on my shows)

I still want to blog, and hopefully this change will mean I'll have more interesting stuff to blog about! I want to get better at and spend more time doing the stuff I love (like reading, knitting, gardening, hanging out with the buns, baking, going for walks, volunteering, riding my bike, learning how to use my sewing machine.... see there is sooooo much stuff I'm not doing because I get lazy and sit on my rump! Yikes!)

So, goodbye 25.... it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it! I won't see you again, but that's okay. I know that I will so totally rock 26!

Love, Crazy (old) Bunny Lady!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I gave blood!

So, I have always had a totally irrational, hugified fear of needles. I hate them. The idea of getting a shot makes me a little dizzy and sick to my stomach. I get nervous and get chills. It's not cute.

But I made it my goal to donate blood by my 26th birthday (which is May 8th), and I really wanted to accomplish that. I figured if I can face my fear and do something to help somebody else, it's a total win win! I also got my O negative blood from my mom... and I've heard that I'm a "Universal Donor", so I feel like it's my responsibility to donate blood to others. (I could totally save your life Sucka!)

Huz went with me and donated blood too. He is so supportive and always makes me feel safe, so it was so great to have him there. Seeing him smile and be proud of me was a really nice prize when it was all over!

It was a little traumatic... the 3 people helping me couldn't find my veins... they tried both arms and were having trouble. I let them know that when I get blood drawn at the doctor's, they usually take it from the back of my hand. The nice lady said "Oh, our needles are too big for that. If we try to take the blood from your hand, it will completely explode your vein".

Uhhh..... thanks lady for completely terrifying me! So then I started crying a little. I totally cry when I get nervous or anxious. So that got THEM worried and they were like "Well, if you're nervous, you can always come back another time.". I was all "You Crazy Heads, I'm going to be nervous no matter what the heck day I come back! I just want to do it now!"

So, I closed my eyes, cried just a little bit more, and turned my head away. It hurt, and I was really worried about moving my arm, but the nice lady talked with me and told me all the gossip. I squeezed the crap outta that little rubber ball, and I filled up my little baggie in no time!

Afterward, everyone around me smiled and said they were really proud of me (and yeah, these were all total strangers!) One lady clapped, and every one was super nice. Now, I know this is not PC, but I kind of think that maybe they thought I was "slow" or really young or something because they seemed really impressed and very happy for me that I gave blood. Or maybe they were just really nice and saw that I was taking pictures and stuff... whatever, everyone was super nice and smiley and I was totally an attention whore so it was all good! =)

I relaxed and had cookies and apple juice in the little snack area and hung out for a bit (that's where the picture above was taken). I got a cool sticker and a red bandage on my arm, and I've totally been showing it off.

And that is the story of how this Trypanophobic donated blood!

Friday, April 23, 2010

We made it!

We arrived safely in Texas on Wednesday. For a minute there, I didn't think we'd make it. Huz got SUPER sick and I thought we'd have to cancel the trip. Then, the day we got here, I got really sick. And that totally sucks because one of the perks of coming to stinky Texas (besides getting to see the fam) is the yummy food. I was really sad that I missed a few days of eating deliciousness because I was sick.

We're both feeling MUCH better now and have plans to visit a local donut shop and the famous cupcake truck tomorrow. And we'll get to see my baby sister dance in her spring show. Exciting stuff!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010



Huz and I went out for sushi with one of our friends earlier this week. It had been soooo long since I had some soosh that I was drooling before we even got there! I was looking forward to it all day and wore some jeans with a little extra "give" just for the occasion. The three of us ordered together and shared from a big platter:

Fabulous right? But come on.... do you think that is going to satisfy 3 sushi lovers like us? Try again:

Yup! That's the SECOND platter that we shared! And it was all sooooooo yummy and I'm only a little bit ashamed looking back now.

Mmmmm..... sushi.....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I've been tagged

Woohoo! I was tagged by the fabulous K-Bar of Deep Thoughts of a Not So Deep Thinker. This is my first time being blog tagged. I hope I do this right!

1. Who is your style icon?
Oh gosh... I don't think I really have one (I am sooo not a stylista). Although I do think America Ferrera and Jordin Sparks always look super cute
2. What is your favorite Socialite Lit. Book?
Socialite is practically Royalty right? And Buttercup was a Princess... (haha... is it too much of a stretch?) I'll go ahead and say The Princess Bride.
3. Favorite Party Theme:
80's of course... or game night. I love game nights!!!
4. Go to Halloween costume
Wayne and Garth. I'm pretty sure we could find every part of this costume and be ready to go in 5 minutes flat. Sidenote: I totally think Wayne and Garth are our celebrity couple. =)
5. Extravagance you can't live without.
Our projector. We play rockband on it, have movie night, and Huz plays his kill and destroy type of shooting games on it. It rocks!
6. Living Person you admire
Our parents are some of the most kind, loving, wise, caring, most incredible people ever, and I am so thankful for themand my Huz is the bravest, most gorgeous, funniest, most amazing man in the whole world. He's been through hell and back, and has never let anything keep him from loving me. And of course, my husband can arrest your husband... so there =)

7. Greatest Fear?
Oh my gosh... seriously, it's this happening. I am soooo scared of needles. I have nightmares about this very thing happening. I feel like somehow, the needle will pierce through my arm, rip open my veins, and I will bleed to death. ::shudder:: That's probably why I haven't gotten my ears pierced again (I was an infant when it happened), why I don't have a tattoo, and why I'm scared of pregnancy/giving birth. Ugh, I have goosebumps just thinking about it all.
8. Trait(s) you deplore in yourself.
I am a first class procrastinator. I'll totally blog about it... maybe tomorrow9. What talent would you most like to have?
I still need to learn how to sew. I want to... It would come in handy. I have visions of creating cute stuff for my house, adorable gifts, awesome one of a kind clothes... but it probably won't happen b/c of #8 anyway haha!
10. What is your greatest achievement?
Learning to be happy with who I am/what I have and not comparing myself to anybody else. I am so in love with my little family, and I'm becoming more and more comfortable with me. I am so appreciative and thankful right now.

Duck... Duck... Goose! I tag:
1. StumpyG
2. Cara