Wednesday, August 4, 2010

::peeks in::

::dusts off blog::

Yikes! It's been way too long!

Of course, slacking off here means it's been super busy in real life in the Crazy Bunny House. In addition to the normal, boring work and everyday stuff, Huz and I enjoyed our anniversary and had a great time celebrating in Monterey.

We went to The City, had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, and saw Sir Paul McCartney in concert (seriously, best concert of my life!)

And of course, we went on our annual Sunset Beach week-long camping trip with Huz's fam. It was a gorgeous week!

We've had a lot of fun, and have enjoyed spending time together and with our family. Hopefully I'll be able to update with other exciting stuff soon b/c Huz has decided to make a 30 before 30 list too! And, we're both in the process of getting back into school (a major task on BOTH of our lists!)

So there you go. A short update with pictures, but not a whole lot of reading. =)

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