Monday, September 12, 2011

God is not a White Man

God is Love (1 John 4:8) and He loves everyone (John 3:16)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

s'more cupcakes

I'm not sure if I already shared this. These are s'more cupcakes I made a few weeks ago (this pic was also taken a few weeks ago.... I didn't snap a pic of week-old cupcakes, promise!). They were pretty easy. I used a graham cracker cupcake recipe from here and baked those. I filled them with the simple chocolate ganache (found on that same site), topped with mini marshmallows, and put them in the broiler for about 30 seconds (just enough for them to get a little melty and brown). Then, I topped with pieces of a hershey chocolate bar. They're really good and have all the s'morey elements. Yum!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Holly!

Today we celebrated my Holly Heart's 3rd "birthday". It's actually the day we adopted her and brought her home from the shelter. She was there for a while, so we don't know *exactly* when her birthday is. We celebrate the wonderful day that we brought home a round little ball of fur and nerves, our first little girl bunny. Poor baby was completely frightened and was tense for so long. She and Hef fell in love literally overnight, and our Bunny Addiction grew.

Holly can sometimes be grumpy and lazy and bossy, but I'm thankful that she is comfortable enough to be those things. It means she really is at home here. And, she can also be sweet and loving and silly and so fun! She can still be that nervous furball, but I know that she knows she is loved by everyone (and everyBun) in this house.

Happy Birthday Holly! I love you!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick Update!

Yikes, it's been a long time! School has been crazy, and we've been really busy around here, so I haven't had time to update. Here's a quick one.

1. Birthday Camping! For my birthday, Huz and I went on a fabulous little camping trip at our favorite spot. It was really fun, but super duper cold. Huz whittled, played his harmonica, and read. I painted, knitted, and lounged. It was great! I love that we're total old people.

2. The Bunnies are Bonded! It's totally official! We are a three-bonded-bunny family! All three Buns are in the same pen together, and getting along fantastically. They cuddle, lay around, and play. It's such a huge accomplishment, and I'm really proud of our little family for working hard and getting here together. It feels so great to know that we have peace and happiness in our home. Yippee!

3. Prince! Oh my goodness! We found out last week that Prince was coming to town! We bought tickets for a show that was literally just days later. We bought cheapie nose-bleed seats, and I was so excited to go! We got there, and immediately got upgrated to.. get this... the 7th row! Yeah, I know, crazy! We had amazing seats. And it was the most incredible concert of my life! We've seen some amazing shows, like Paul McCartney, Santana, BB King, and Third Day (at this one we were right in front of the stage, and met the band after. Awesome!) but I think this was my favorite concert ever. I was dancing the whole time, sang along to every song, and had so much fun. Prince did such a wonderful job, and has the most talented team with him. It was an experience I will never forget, and I'm so glad we got to go!

So that's two more on my 30 before 30, which is so cool!

4. Sewing- my cousin came over tonight and showed me how to use my sewing machine. I seriously didn't even know how to turn it on when we started, and now, I am so excited to practice everything she taught me. I think I'm really going to have a great time! And I can't wait to cross it off the list!

5. Cake Pops! Our church is doing this incredible young adults service called The Journey. I absolutely love it! I got Bakerella's book for by birthday, and was so eager to try my hand at them, so I decided to bake some for our service. They were really fun to make! And, I really liked the display Huz thought of. The theme of The Journey is "Finding God, Finding Yourself, and Finding Purpose". Huz thought it would be really cool if we could display the cake pops in a suitcase or trunk. We bought a cheapie suitcase in the right size from Ross. I covered some styrofoam with scrapbook paper that looks like an old map, and poked holes for the cake pops to fit in.

I love that my Huz is so creative and came up with the concept, and then worked with me and helped me carry it out. This isn't the best picture ever of the display, but here's a little look. They went over pretty well, and I can't wait to make them again this week!

Tomorrow I'm going to see Glee Live! I am way too excited! :D

I guess that's it for now. More soon!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is dead

I'm still watching the news and getting more info, but this seems like a historic day. I just wanted to have it written down. I may come back and edit it after I finish watching the news.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Bunday: Sanctimommy- Bunny Edition

Definition: a mother who points out perceived faults in the parenting of others

I was judged by a mom today. I was asked questions, and I could tell in her eyes that she was just waiting for me to give the wrong answers. I'm sure she thought she was just being chatty, but I could feel the judgment radiating off of her. And the weird thing is, I don't even have kids!

I took the Buns to a SaveABunny event. They got their nails trimmed, and I got to talk to one of my fellow Crazy Bunny Lady friends. Her name is D, and she watches the Buns for us when we're out of town. We get our hay from her too. She is a Bunny Jedi, I swear! She is amazing.

Anyway, at this event, there was another Bunny loving lady. When I came in with my three buns, she walked over to me and started chatting me up. At first, it was fine. She asked if all the bunnies were mine, what their names are, how long I've had them. But then I noticed that she would narrow her eyes at me, and seemed to wait for me to answer just so she could pounce on me and ask more questions. "Are they all bonded? Are your rabbits fixed? How old are they? What do they eat? How often do they go to the vet?Do they live inside or outside? Did you adopt or buy? Do you live in an apartment or house? Do they go outside?" etc.

It quickly became obvious that she was not just curious. She was totally waiting for me to say something that she could judge and feel superior about! It was so funny to me that I couldn't even be upset. I felt the need to look around and see if we were at a local playground and I had forgotten my fair-trade, organic, locally and sustainably grown (or better yet, organic, home grown with all natural, bunny poop fertilzer), hemp wrapped cilantro and carrot-top snacks for my babies. It's absolutely hilarious, and pretty weird that there was an attempt to pull me into that crazy, judgy, mommy world, and I'm not even a parent! If that's just a little taste of what it's like, then maybe the whole taking care of a living human thing may not be the most nerve-racking part. Those other parents are certainly pretty scary too!

I do the best I can for my bunnies. I really do love them, and they are part of our family. It makes me so happy to have them in our lives. But I really don't have a need to feel superior to other bunny parents. And I reeeeeally don't want anyone using me to feel superior.

And with that, I'm off to play "Your Bunny Can Read" for Hef, Holly and Jude. Oh wait... I can't allow them to watch TV... we'll just have to listen to Bunny Mozart again instead. ::wink::

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Hef!

On this day 3 years ago, we brought a tiny little bunny from the local pet shelter. We talked about getting a rabbit for a few months, and decided to "just go look". It was after Easter, and there were a bunch of sweet little babies there. We thought (at the time) "Well, we can only help one, so let's do that". (Haha! We all know how that turned out!) Hef was just a little ball of fluff. He was tiny and curious and so funny and full or personality. I was instantly in love.My tiny little baby bun grew up into a giant monster! He's still curious and funny and full of personality. He loves to run and play and eat. He's my big boy now, and I always look back on this day with such thankfulness. I could not imagine my life without this big ol' lug. He makes me laugh every day, and is such a joy to have. Hey, he's the reason we ended up with TWO more bunnies. He must have been doing something right!

So Happy Birthday to my Hefalump Houdini! (That middle name was given to him because of his many, many escape attempts. He's pretty good). I love you so much, and am so grateful for the day you came home with us.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I had to share this

I love the blog "Stuff Christians Like" and always laugh every time I read it. I think #689 is pretty appropriate. =)

Sunday Bunday: my chocolate Buns

Oh my gosh. How cute is this?! Huz and I went shopping for stuff to put in our Godkids' Easter baskets. I got so excited when I found these:

No, that's not another picture of my Buns playing in the yard! That is a picture of some Easter candies we found! Mini chocolate Buns including a white bunny, a brown bunny, and a little black and white Dutch bunny- just like my Hef, Holly and Jude! I can not even stand the cuteness! I am so happy that we found these. They had super huge versions of them too, but I managed to not lose my mind and buy them just to buy them. I got the minis though, and put one of each in little plastic Easter eggs for the kids' baskets. I still have some leftover, so I absolutely must find another way to use them. I am in love! These sweet little buns were found at Target, and it was only 99 cents for a pack of about 15. Go ahead and buy them and remember to make yours chocolate!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Blue Skies and Buns

It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day today, and The Buns and I spent most of it outside, in the back yard. They played and ate and ran around until they were tired, then relaxed in the shade, then ran around some more. I studied. I think they win. It was really great to see Hef and Holly be more receptive to Jude. Holly didn't bite Jude or chase her away every chance she got. It was peaceful, and I think, a lot of fun for everyone. I think we are making progress! This last picture is my favorite of the day. Holly and Jude were laying RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! This is big news! The girls cuddled for a bit while Hef looked on. Look at his cute little behind with the grey tail- I love it! How are Bunny Butts so darn adorable? I was a very happy Bunny Mama today. I hope we can accompish #10 on my Thirty Before 30:
"Bonding All Three Buns Together" soon!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Bunday: Bunnies and Easter

I love my Bunnies. And I really love Easter (there's probably a whole blog post dedicated to that coming up lol!). Now, I definitely don't think that bunnies are what Easter is about. But I do love all things cute and cuddly, and I love to spoil and celebrate my bunnies with all the super cute Easter Bunny stuff around this time. They get an Easter Basket, and pictures taken, and all kinds of treats and goodies. It's a lot of fun. And now, with Jude around, we get to have even more fun.

However, as I'm sure everyone knows, my bunnies are spoiled and really lucky. We adopted Hef after Easter one year, when the animal shelter was full of abandoned Buns. It was really, really sad. So, while I like to celebrate Easter with my Buns, I feel I have to speak out against people adopting bunnies for Easter. It's really not a good idea. I blogged about it last year, so rather than bore you again by saying the same exact thing, I'll link it:

Please, if you or somebody you know is thinking about getting a rabbit for a child or anyone else for Easter, let them know it is not a good thing to do. If they've done the research and really want to open up their home and make a bunny a part of the family, I encourage them to wait until after Easter. It's at least a ten year commitment, and not one to make lightly. A rabbit is a real, breathing being, and deserves to be treated as such, and not like a disposable accessory to a gift.
Please see: for more information.

Thank you so much!

Love, Hef, Holly, Jude and

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I am a terribly unfocused and unmotivated individual. I get distracted so easi- Hey! What's that over there?! Haha... see? =) I am always on facebook, or my board, or googling random stuff... it's awful. And I have a lot of stuff to do! I need to be more focused on my priorities: spending time with my Huz, Buns, and family, finishing up school, getting in shape, my volunteer work, completing on my 30 before 30 list, Spring Cleaning, and being more involved in my church ministry. I also want to spend more time on what I consider to be constructive hobbies: reading, knitting, sewing (I still have not touched my sewing machine), baking, and organizing my photos. Getting distracted by Facebook, my board, and tons of TV watching is not going to help me. Blah.

I always have this problem. Why am I such a media addict?! So, I've deactivated facebook and Twitter, logged out of my board, and gotten rid of those bookmarks on my phone and desktop, and limited the shows I record. I hope that unplugging will help me be more connected to my Huz and *real* life. I may still blog, but I don't think I really blog enough that it distracts me. But if it starts to, maybe I'll limit that too. I want to be the best person I can, and make good use of every day. Being inside, glued to the computer day after day is sad, and not what I want for my life. It is definitely going to be a challenge, but hopefully it works out for the best.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Sister

My baby sister is 8 years younger than me. Growing up, she loved Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, and Tinkerbell. She is funny and caring and sarcastic and a fabulous baker. She dances beautifully, and always looks gorgeous. We fought a lot and bumped heads often growing up. What can I say, we're sisters and knew exactly what buttons to push with each other. As we get older, I value her and her imput so much. She doesn't always do everything the way I would (and I think the reverse is true as well), but I am proud of her.

My baby sister is no longer a baby. She's 18. Until today, she lived with my parents. For most of my life, she was always right down the hall. And even after I was old and married, she was always just a phone call or text away. But today, my sister began a new adventure. I am now the proud older sister of a young woman in the Air Force. My brave, tenacious baby sister has chosen to serve our country, and I admire her so much. I can hardly believe that the little girl in pigtails and a tutu is now a grown woman, and an Airman as well.

We are a family of patriots. Huz and I spent the first three years of our relationship writing letters to each other while he served in the Army. We got married on the 4th of July. I have a special place in my heart for members of the armed forces. My sister will be in my prayers, along with all of the men and women who protect our freedom, their families, and the families of those who gave up their lives in the process.

I do worry about my family. My mom is taking it pretty hard, and I don't know exactly how to be there for her from all the way over here. My brother is now the only kid in the house (there were four of us) and he's going to be leaving for college next year. And my poor dad has to worry about everyone else. I wish there was something I could do. I guess it's just growing pains, but knowing that everything won't ever be the same again is a little sad.

Even though I am very proud of her, and respect her decision very much, I still worry about her, and miss her a lot. I know God will protect her, and I'll see her again soon. I just hope that the girl who dances around the living room, who can kick butt at XBox with the boys, or bake a killer dessert with the girls, who texts me pictures that she knows will make me laugh, and can wear the most ridiculous thing possible and still make it look good, will come home as well. I know the military will make her stonger, give her more direction and focus... but I don't want her to lose those parts about her that I love. I just try to have faith that it will be okay.

I can't wait to see my sister again. I don't think she likes Tinkerbell anymore, but I saw this and couldn't resist lol. It's so silly, but that's okay. =)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Bunday: Toys

My rabbits have a really bad habit of eating their house. Okay, really only Hef does. The girls are pretty good. Hef is our little Houdini, and is always trying to escape, so I kind of think that's why he's always chewing. Anyway, their house is expensive, and I don't want them to ruin it. I'm almost out of ideas on how to make him stop chewing!

We buy them a crapload of toys, so they have something they're allowed to chew on/burrrow in/throw around without being destructive. Jude likes them okay, but most of the time, Hef and Holly would just push them out of the way until they chewed on their house enough to get our attention, so we'd give them a snack. It drove me crazy for a bit. Those fatties don't even want to play and have fun, they just want food.

I came up with the idea to "lace" their toys in grape juice. They love grapes! It's like candy, maybe even crack to them. So, we started rubbing down their toys with grape juice. It worked! They gnaw on their toys, trying to get the grape flavor! The cage was saved!

Except, now I think they're learning to just lick the juice off... ::sigh:: And they chew their cage to remind us to juice up their chew toys again.

Their hamburger chew toy, a stick ball thing, and some wooden blocks that I covered in juice.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Bunday: What do The Buns eat?

My fattie Buns would eat anything they could get their paws on if I let them. They have such a sweet tooth, and know how to beg with the best of them. They're curious, and always want in on whatever we're having. They're spoiled, so they have stuff that's appropriate for them, but we make sure they love it.

Our bunnies eat timothy hay and orchard grass, depeneding on what'd available. We get our grass by the trunkload from an even crazier bunny lady than I am. She is amazing. We buy hay from her at a waaaay better price than we get at a pet food store. It's great. We also give The Buns fresh greens. Sometimes it's broccoli, carrot or beet greens, sometimes cilantro or alfalfa, and sometimes it's lettuces. They can NOT have iceberg lettuce though. We don't even really keep it in the house. It doesn't have any nutrients for them. But dark leafy green or purple stuff is great!

We give them a treat or two in there too. This time it was grapes, but they love pieces of carrot, or banana, pears and strawberries- anything sweet. Huz has a food dehydrator, so he's going to try to dry fruit in there for us and The Buns. In the summer, we get to pick stuff for them fresh from our garden (they're very considerate sometimes, and don't want us to trouble ourselves, so they'll just help themselves... sneakly little buns!)

We give them fresh grass every day (sometimes twice a day depending on how active and hungry they are that day). They get greens most days, and love it. We try to keep the sweets and treats to a few times a week, and special occassions. They also have plenty of edible/chewable toys that they love. Like Huz and I, they love supper time, and appreciate a nice, homemade meal.
Doesn't this salad look delish?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Bunday: Mani/Pedi and Shopping with Jude

I'm thinking of doing a weekly Bunny specific post on Sundays. Sundays can be pretty hectic for us, so sometimes it may be a Monday Bunday post.

Today, I took Jude to get her nails did. Save A Bunny does free nail trims for Bunnys regularly, so I took her in and made a donation. I also got her a cute little carrier (smaller and with a messenger bag type strap) so I have the option to take her more places. It worked out really well. We met my aunt and cousin at Kohl's for a little shopping, and Jude went in with me in the tote. It was great!

At Kohl's, we found the CUTEST candle that incorporate two of my favorite things ever, Cupcakes and Bunnies! I bought this adorable little thing (on sale- woot!). I love the little white bunny on top. Totally reminds me of Hef! The colors match my kitchen perfectly. I'm really happy with my little purchase.

This concludes my first ever Sunday Bunday!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Walk for Life & Charged Up for Life 5K

Okay, I am so excited about this! I am working on #15 of my "Thirty Before 30" list! ::directs attention to right-hand side of the screen:: I want to participate in a race/walk/ or run for a cause I believe in.

I am going to run the Charged Up for Life 5K. I'm getting together a team and sponsors so I can raise money for an amazing organization I'm involved with called RealOptions. Huz and I donate money and baby items there regularly, and I volunteer there every week. It's a fabulous, welcoming place that provides important services including peer counseling, post-abortion counseling, information on parenting, abortion and adoption, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, OB care, baby and maternity clothes, diapers, blankets, cribs, formula, strollers, child birth classes, referrals for other important community programs, and so much more. And all of the services are free of charge to clients! I love being a part of this awesome ministry.

The amazing part is, RealOptions runs entirely on donations, and is still able to provide free services! Because I absolutely love my volunteer work, and love the men, women, and children we serve, I want to make sure to help raise as much money as I can to make sure that those in our community are getting the support they need. I have seen so many individuals and families be totally blessed by this ministry, and I have been so blessed to serve them, especially alongside the wonderful people I work with. I know a real need is being met here, and I love being a part of it.

Now, I am no athlete. I do need to exrercise, and I always think I will, but I get lazy and don't do it. It's awful. But now, I feel like I have something bigger than myself (no pun intended lol) to motivate me. I'll be picturing my client's faces when they light up after seeing their baby for the first time through an ultrasound. I'll be thinking about those hugs I get from girls who are able to gain some comfort and peace knowing that we're here to help them. And I'll remember that in some of my clients' young faces I see my own mother, who got pregnant with me at 17 years old and, even when it all seemed hopeless, she made a choice for life. I am always thankful for that.

To me, it's not about religion, or politics, or "saving babies", or punishing women, or judging and condemning, or taking away a choice, or anything like that. I want to help educate young men and women about the life that's growing, and help them to fully understand all their options. And, no matter what their decision is, I want them to know that I support them and love them and want to help them however I can. It's important to me that they know they are loved and valued, and that they are not alone.

If you feel you can, please help us with this Walk. We can use participants, sponsors, volunteers, cheerleaders, prayers... if you are willing, I bet we can find something for you to do! If you aren't local, you can sign up and get sponsors and walk around your neighborhood to participate. Or you can donate to my team and keep us in your thoughts or prayers. With un-athletic me in charge, we're going to need it lol! If you're interested, email me at and let me know.

Thanks so much, and God Bless!

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. Jeremiah 1:5

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:13-14

We love, because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19

His for Life,

Monday, February 28, 2011

I am Literary-ly swooning

::groan:: I know, that was dumb.

But seriously, I am swooning over some of these home libraries. They are beautiful and so cool! I love them. Someday... ::le sigh::

from here

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jude my study buddy

Ugh, I have had a TON of schoolwork to do lately. I feel like it's taking over my life. I'll be glad when it's all over. Anyway, I bet you didn't know it, but Bunnies make great study buddies. Jude happily sat at my feet while I read and highlighted. As soon as I picked up my phone to play Words With Friends, she gave me one of those very disapproving bunny looks. I picture her lecturing me like Mrs. Kim on Gilmore Girls.

When she realized how fascinating my book was (/sarcasm font) she came to see what it was all about. Obviously, she knows she's much more intelligent than me, and is laughing at my need to study. She's thinking "Humans. They're so dumb, but so cute. "

Thanks StudyBun.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Crazy Bunny Huz

I married a Crazy Bunny Guy. He is just as smitten by these silly, fluffy trouble makers as I am. I snapped these pics real quick with my phone. Huz was falling asleep while we watched TV. Jude obviously thought his full attention needed to be on her. She started licking his nose, trying to wake him up so he could pet her. He got distracted by the The Office, and that just wouldn't do, so she licked him on the face again. This girl will not be ignored (and really, who would want to? I love that little face!)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spaghetti Cupcakes

Just a quick little post (shhhhh! I'm supposed to be doing homework right now!) to show the spaghetti cupcakes I made on Sunday night. I got the idea from the book Hello, Cupcake, that I got for Christmas a few years ago from Huz's aunt. (She's so sweet!)
Anyway, I used a vanilla cake recipe, and made vanilla buttercream (piped to look like noodles). Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates and some strawberry jelly created a meatballs and sauce look for the top. These were soooo fun to make!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Hangover

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I slept in, and when I woke up, I had a sparkling clean kitchen (thanks to Huz!). We hung out at home with The Buns for a bit. They got little heart shaped red pieces of apple. When I was done being lazy, we got ready to go to one of our favorite sushi places. I was surprised again when there was a bouquet of roses right outside the door! Sooooo pretty and they smell great!

We had yummy sushi, and then went to get fro-yo at another of my favorite places. I wanted some delicious frozen custard (so good!) but the place was closed. No biggie though! We went home and I whipped up a surprise for Huz. Homemade boston creme pie cupcakes:

He loooooves boston creme pie, and he was really excited about these. That made me happy. We hung out and watched The Princess Bride together. It was such a great night, and I feel so loved. I'm still happy (hence the hangover).

I hope everyone had a great day with friends, family, pets, kids, boyfriends, girlfriends... everyone! I hope your day was full of love.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hoppy Chinese New Year from The Buns!

It's the year of the Rabbit, and we're excited about that!

Hope it's a great year for EveryBun!

Monday, January 24, 2011


I just found this super awesome site! It's and I love it! They have a Cafepress store too, where I can buy just about anything with this on it:

along with a slew of other super cute designs and a portion of the sales are donated to bunny rescue groups! Huzzah!!!

I just found out that they recently had a "Crazy Bunny Lady Photo Contest". I just missed it! Well, I'm pretty sure we all know who will win next year!