Monday, April 4, 2011

Blue Skies and Buns

It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day today, and The Buns and I spent most of it outside, in the back yard. They played and ate and ran around until they were tired, then relaxed in the shade, then ran around some more. I studied. I think they win. It was really great to see Hef and Holly be more receptive to Jude. Holly didn't bite Jude or chase her away every chance she got. It was peaceful, and I think, a lot of fun for everyone. I think we are making progress! This last picture is my favorite of the day. Holly and Jude were laying RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! This is big news! The girls cuddled for a bit while Hef looked on. Look at his cute little behind with the grey tail- I love it! How are Bunny Butts so darn adorable? I was a very happy Bunny Mama today. I hope we can accompish #10 on my Thirty Before 30:
"Bonding All Three Buns Together" soon!

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