Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Bunday: my chocolate Buns

Oh my gosh. How cute is this?! Huz and I went shopping for stuff to put in our Godkids' Easter baskets. I got so excited when I found these:

No, that's not another picture of my Buns playing in the yard! That is a picture of some Easter candies we found! Mini chocolate Buns including a white bunny, a brown bunny, and a little black and white Dutch bunny- just like my Hef, Holly and Jude! I can not even stand the cuteness! I am so happy that we found these. They had super huge versions of them too, but I managed to not lose my mind and buy them just to buy them. I got the minis though, and put one of each in little plastic Easter eggs for the kids' baskets. I still have some leftover, so I absolutely must find another way to use them. I am in love! These sweet little buns were found at Target, and it was only 99 cents for a pack of about 15. Go ahead and buy them and remember to make yours chocolate!

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