Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today, my cousin Jen and my awesome godson Jacob, came over to visit for a bit. Jacob watched a movie while Jen and I caught up on our girl talk. It was sooooo nice to see them again! I really wanted to take a picture of Jacob to show off, but they had to go all of a sudden, and I didn't have time. But, I got to give Jacob his Christmas gift (that's how long it had been since I'd seen them!) and this is the mess that was left after he tore it open =)

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Gah! These are sooooo cute! These little cupcakes are adorable and I love them! I got them at Kohls, on sale AND with my coupon (using store credit- oh yeah!). The top part with the frosting comes off, and there's a candle inside. It smells really good too. And they're sitting pretty on top of my cute Valentine's Day tablecloth (from Target). Did I mention before that I use Valentine's Day time to shop specifically for my kitchen? Yeah... cute heart and cupcake and pink stuff is so easy to find this time of year. I look forward to it all year long!


We watched this super awesome movie with our friends Mike & Ana and Little Abby. I totally love it! It's such a great movie! We rented it, but I think I'll totally buy it, I loved it that much.

Friday, January 29, 2010


My Snuggle Buns hanging out in their pen. Holly was licking Hef's face and he was just kicking back and enjoying it. She's such a good Bunny Wife to her HusBun =)


I tried to hurry up and take a picture of Huz while he was sleeping before I went to bed... but it was dark. =( Unfortunately, this was the only pic I took all day. Sorry. On the brightside- you can't tell that he blinked in the picture... or that my finger is in the shot... JK! haha...


I bought a sheet of these super cute window clings at Target for less than two bucks. They're bright colored hearts and cupcakes and slices of cake. I PPH them! I decorated the tile above my stove with them, and they make me sooooo happy! I told Huz that they're for Valentine's Day (you should have seen the look of horror I received when I unveiled my work of art)... but they totally match the rest of my kitchen, so I think they might stay. They make me smile and happy to be in my kitchen- and that should really be the only motivation Huz needs to let me keep them up, right?

1/23/10- 1/24/10

I'm a loser who didn't do anything these days, and took no pictures. We stayed home, went to the gym a few times... and were pretty much just the most boring people on earth. The End.


The one with the bangs is our Goddaughter Abigail. The one under the cloth napkin is Huz. Abby thought it was hilarious to put the napkin over Huz's face, and then take it off so he could make a silly face and say "Boooooo!" Even though you can't tell from this pic, they were both having a great time, and were cracking each other up. In the end, she put the napkin on Huz's head, lost interest... and he sat there in the restaurant with a napkin on his head for about 3 minutes waiting for her to take it off. It was awesome. I was laughing so much! He just sat there as Crazy Napkin Face waiting... Bahahaha.... it still makes me giggle just thinking about it.


We went to CPK, and then saw a movie with our awesome friends Chris and Falissa. Falissa is my bestie, and I love her soooooo stinkin much! She's pregnant, and is so cute! I love it! It was so great to see our friends and hang out... even though I looked like a scrub because of Baggage-gate '10. =(


I bent the rules a little. My mom took this one with my phone. On the way to the airport, we stopped at Mighty Fine Burgers and I got to wash my hands in the super duper cool hand washing machine. I love it!
My Mighty Fine Burger was seriously the best burger I ever had... and it sure as hell better have been since stopping there made us late to the airport... which meant I couldn't check my luggage... which meant my parents had to send my huge bag via UPS and I didn't receive it until the next week... which meant I didn't have any of my stuff (clothes, makeup, hair stuff, etc) during that time. Also, it was a very rainy week... which meant that my bag got soaked through on the way to me... which meant my books and clothes and stuff were damaged and wet... along with my laptop. So my laptop doesn't work anymore, and I'm waiting for a response on the insurance claim I filed.

But... in this pic I didn't know any of that. I was just happily washing my hands. Sweet, ignorant, (clean) bliss.


This was taken my last full day in Tex-ass with the fam. My mom and I hung out, went shopping, had lunch, bought books, and were just silly and goofy together. She cracks me up! =)

Sunday, January 24, 2010


so I suck at this. I haven't been feeling well, and I haven't been keeping up. I've taken pics almost every day, but have not done a good job staying on top of posting. =/ Tomorrow is another day.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I got this game at Target a couple of days after I got to Texas. We played it on Friday and then again today. It is so stinkin fun!!!! It's hilarious. There is so much random stuff going on, and we were all seriously laughing our butts off. I would totally recommend it for a game night with friends and family. You'll have a blast!


Went to church with the family today. It was a really nice service. After, we all went to Rudy's Barbecue for lunch. In case you're not familiar with this fine dining establishment, it's at a gas station, and you eat sandwiches made of white bread, barbecued meat, onions, and pickles off of pieces of wax paper. Psh! Move over French Laundry... only the classiest for this family! ;)


My Baby Sister and I baked cupcakes for the fam. We used the cute little heart shaped muffin tins Mom and I got from Hobby Lobby. Diggy (my sis) is an awesome little baker! I swear, she's totally going to have her own cooking show someday. 
I also got to Skype with my other little sister (Nai) who's away in school. I miss her so much! It was really cool to be able to laugh and act goofy with my sisters again for a bit. My baby brother (who is almost 16 and is actually not really a baby anymore) kindly put up with our girly giggling and gossiping... and I think he enjoyed the cupcakes. =)


So.... I'm pretty much a little embarrassed that this is the only picture I took all day. Mom and I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I saw this in the store, and we both cracked up about it. We also went to Hobby Lobby (one of my faves!) It was nice to spend time with her. Love you Mama!


Okay... no more stalling. I don't have a pic for the 14th. I was sick all day, and hardly even left bed. =( But, I might update later because I think Huz may have taken a pic while I was gone (good lookin' out Babe!)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My parents gave me The Princess Bride for Christmas. The movie is one of my all time favorites (It may be tied for 1st place with Wayne's World), but I'd never read the book before. I'm right smack in the middle of it, and I love it! Love Love Love Love it! I can totally imagine each scene, and I hear the music playing and everything. Those crazy loud trumpets whenever Humperdinck has a scene. Soft, pretty, instrumental "Storybook Love" when Westley and Buttercup are together (my bridesmaids walked down the aisle to that song. I totally love it!). It also seems very fitting that I'm reading it while I'm sick. It just adds to the experience. 


I took this picture at 1:10 am. I was going to write about how much I was going to miss Huz and The Buns while I'm gone. About how much I love my little family and how cute they are.

But at 1:15 am all hell broke loose.

After we put the buns in their pen for the night and got ready for bed, Huz's eyes started watering. He started having some trouble breathing and felt like his throat tightened up. Being the smart cookie (cupcake?) I am, I thought maybe he was having an allergic reaction to the buns' fur. Weird, since we've had them for about 2 years and haven't reacted like that before. Huz took a benadryl and I made  him take a hot shower to clean off any fur that might be around his eyes & nose. Now it was 1:40 am.  He still didn't feel better. Since he used to have asthma as a kid, (and kind of started wheezing now) we decided to take him to the emergency room.

After about 2 1/2 hours in the Kaiser emergency room (definitely one of my top ten most wretched places in all the land), the super smart, well educated, getting-paid-the-big-bucks-for-these-kind-of-earth-shattering-assessments emergency doctor tells us:

"Yeah, you probably had an allergic reaction to the rabbits. You should take benadryl."

I just stared.... and stared... and stared at her.

Dude. That is literally the same freakin thing I just told you... like two hours ago when we first got to this hell hole! You want to charge me tens of dollars to repeat THE SAME DAMN THING I TOLD YOU FOR FREE?!

Here comes the kicker. The Beezy then has the nerve to say to this Crazy Bunny Lady: "You need to get rid of the rabbits so this doesn't happen again."

Oh Em Eff Goodness

I looked at my poor, bloodshot-eyed, sniffling, miserable husband. He looked sadly back at me.

I went home, grabbed my bunnies, and jumped on a plane to Texas where we will live. I will go and visit Huz so he doesn't have to suffer. We will make this work!

KIDDING!!!!!!! (although I bet some of you wouldn't put it past me! ha!)

He looked back at me and shook his head at what the stupid doctor told us. He said "That's not happening. The bunnies stay". (See! He's a Crazy Bunny Guy!)

I love him.

So now, I really am in Texas (visiting the fam) and Huz is home alone with Hef and Holly. He's feeling better and said  if he said if he starts feeling bad, he'll wear a face mask to feed them, or will take a benadryl, or he'll go outside and get some fresh air. He is such a wonderful Husband and Bunny-Dad. When I get back, I'll be doing all the bunny care-taking, because I don't want to risk something like that happening to my gorgeous, sweet Huz again. 

Hey, that's what families do right? Sacrifice. I'll give up more time to do more bunny care on my own and Huz will give up... well, breathing I guess. And the, they're just spoiled rotten like always.

I love you Huz! And I love you Hef and Holly!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Still sick =/ But my wonderful cousin Amber made me this totally yummy chicken soup. It was so good and helped me feel a little better. Thank you Amby! Now, it's 1am and I need to finish packing, since I leave to visit the fam in a few hours!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Booooooo. I'm sick. =(

I just want to curl up in my blankie, drink juice and watch Desperate Housewives.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Today was my cousin Amanda and new cousin Santos' wedding! It was elegant and sweet and completely beautiful. Huz took this candid of the gorgeous couple.
Congratulations Amanda and Santz! Have a fun honeymoon! =)

Friday, January 8, 2010


Huz and I has a movie night and watched "9"... (seriously, I've been wanting to see this movie in the theater for a long time. I think Huz remembered the name, but got a little confused when he went to the video store. Oh well, it was a good try, and I loved spending time with him!)
Thank you Huz for Movie Night!


My gorgeous cousins Amanda (left) and Karly (right). We worked on the favors for Amanda's wedding. (coming up this Saturday! Yippee!)

Later, we all attended Amanda's bachelorette party, and had so much fun! I won't post those pics though. (for now) ;)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yay! Yay! Yay!

KBar, Little Rob and Princess Maddie are here! We are all looking forward to KBar's little sister Amanda's bachelorette party tomorrow, and the wedding on Saturday! So exciting!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I hit the gym with my fabulous friend Ana again today. I'm sore, and am such a grump in the morning, but it was worth it. After, Ana Banana treated me to brunch at Hobee's! What an awesome friend, huh?! Joining us on this girls' brunch was sweet little Abby. The server of course was smitten by her cuteness and brought her the most adorable little fruit plate. I just had to take a picture of it =)

(In case you're dying to know, I had the Pruneyard Ommie and some delicious coffee cake. Yum!)

Monday, January 4, 2010


So, most of you know that I am a crazy bunny lady. Some of you may know that I am also a crazy awesome godmother too! Adam and I have four godkids! They are all so fantastic and we love them so much! Jacob is 2 and is such a lovebug. Abigail is almost 2 and has the funniest laugh ever. Anthony's 1, and he's so smart and has the most gorgeous baby blues you've ever seen. And Sean is 1 and I swear looks just like what I'd imagine one of Adam's kids will look like (Sean is Adam's cousin's little boy and is half Filipino).

Today, I am having a fabulous time hanging out with Abigail. Her mom (one of my best friends in the world) and I went to the gym this morning and then I got Abby all to myself while Ana got some rest before she has to head to work tonight. We read books, danced, played with blocks, and played in the backyard with Hef and Holly. This was my favorite part. Abby tried to play tag with the bunnies... but they're a little too fast for her, so it just ended up being "chase and giggle like crazy when they ran from her". It was too cute!

And the best part of my whole day was when Abby called out, clear as day (and for the first time to my knowldge) "BUNNIES!!!!" It made this crazy bunny lady's heart melt. =) So precious!

So, this is a picture of Abby and Hef playing with blocks outside. He fell in love with her as soon as she fed him a baby carrot (which she carried around in her grubby, chunky little hand until he let her get close enough to offer it). What a great day! Abby is taking a well deserved nap now =)

Sunday, January 3, 2010


One of my coworkers has these awesome carnivorous plants. They are so weird and cool and beautiful- I totally love them! I even got a video of the venus flytrap trying to eat a key. It was rad.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


or 01.02.2010 for you palindrome lovers.::cough::geeks::cough::

Just kidding! I love you geeks!

So this is a little pic of a cookie jar I got for Christmas. The reason it's "special" is because it's from my dad and his wife. I hadn't talked to my dad in a few years. But right before Christmas, Huz and I prayed together, and I asked for help to forgive and to receive peace about the whole situation with him (my dad). Later, I received this very thoughtful gift from them. I'm not saying one gift can undo the damage that's been done, but it's nice to know that we're both on a path to try to repair the relationship. I'm not entirely sure how everything will work out, but this little jar reminds me that God hears my prayers and wants to restore and make whole every area in my life.

Also, if you don't really care about all that and are just still trippin' off the whole palindrome thing (no hard feelings)... here's a link for you:

Friday, January 1, 2010

Blue Moon

Who says we can only post one pic a day? Maybe I'm already a rebellious rule breaker... but I'm new at this so I can just claim ignorance. Huz took this pic of the Blue Moon tonight. I hear it's not something that occurs too often, so I thought it might be pretty cool to get it up here. Happy New Year!


January 1, 2010- Starting a brand new year with our little family.