Friday, January 8, 2010


Huz and I has a movie night and watched "9"... (seriously, I've been wanting to see this movie in the theater for a long time. I think Huz remembered the name, but got a little confused when he went to the video store. Oh well, it was a good try, and I loved spending time with him!)
Thank you Huz for Movie Night!


  1. lol Aw poor huz! How did you like this movie?

  2. This movie was pretty cool. It's totally not for kids (IMO) even though it's a cartoon. There were parts that were super suspenseful that I liked, and then I felt like it kind of unraveled near the end. I didn't like the main plot, but I liked the little rag dolls, and some of their interactions. I'm glad we rented it, but also glad we didn't pay to see it in theaters KWIM?