Monday, January 4, 2010


So, most of you know that I am a crazy bunny lady. Some of you may know that I am also a crazy awesome godmother too! Adam and I have four godkids! They are all so fantastic and we love them so much! Jacob is 2 and is such a lovebug. Abigail is almost 2 and has the funniest laugh ever. Anthony's 1, and he's so smart and has the most gorgeous baby blues you've ever seen. And Sean is 1 and I swear looks just like what I'd imagine one of Adam's kids will look like (Sean is Adam's cousin's little boy and is half Filipino).

Today, I am having a fabulous time hanging out with Abigail. Her mom (one of my best friends in the world) and I went to the gym this morning and then I got Abby all to myself while Ana got some rest before she has to head to work tonight. We read books, danced, played with blocks, and played in the backyard with Hef and Holly. This was my favorite part. Abby tried to play tag with the bunnies... but they're a little too fast for her, so it just ended up being "chase and giggle like crazy when they ran from her". It was too cute!

And the best part of my whole day was when Abby called out, clear as day (and for the first time to my knowldge) "BUNNIES!!!!" It made this crazy bunny lady's heart melt. =) So precious!

So, this is a picture of Abby and Hef playing with blocks outside. He fell in love with her as soon as she fed him a baby carrot (which she carried around in her grubby, chunky little hand until he let her get close enough to offer it). What a great day! Abby is taking a well deserved nap now =)

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  1. There are some things that your nieces/nephews/godchildren say that you will never forget. For me it was definitely the way they called me "Aunty." So precious!