Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I took this picture at 1:10 am. I was going to write about how much I was going to miss Huz and The Buns while I'm gone. About how much I love my little family and how cute they are.

But at 1:15 am all hell broke loose.

After we put the buns in their pen for the night and got ready for bed, Huz's eyes started watering. He started having some trouble breathing and felt like his throat tightened up. Being the smart cookie (cupcake?) I am, I thought maybe he was having an allergic reaction to the buns' fur. Weird, since we've had them for about 2 years and haven't reacted like that before. Huz took a benadryl and I made  him take a hot shower to clean off any fur that might be around his eyes & nose. Now it was 1:40 am.  He still didn't feel better. Since he used to have asthma as a kid, (and kind of started wheezing now) we decided to take him to the emergency room.

After about 2 1/2 hours in the Kaiser emergency room (definitely one of my top ten most wretched places in all the land), the super smart, well educated, getting-paid-the-big-bucks-for-these-kind-of-earth-shattering-assessments emergency doctor tells us:

"Yeah, you probably had an allergic reaction to the rabbits. You should take benadryl."

I just stared.... and stared... and stared at her.

Dude. That is literally the same freakin thing I just told you... like two hours ago when we first got to this hell hole! You want to charge me tens of dollars to repeat THE SAME DAMN THING I TOLD YOU FOR FREE?!

Here comes the kicker. The Beezy then has the nerve to say to this Crazy Bunny Lady: "You need to get rid of the rabbits so this doesn't happen again."

Oh Em Eff Goodness

I looked at my poor, bloodshot-eyed, sniffling, miserable husband. He looked sadly back at me.

I went home, grabbed my bunnies, and jumped on a plane to Texas where we will live. I will go and visit Huz so he doesn't have to suffer. We will make this work!

KIDDING!!!!!!! (although I bet some of you wouldn't put it past me! ha!)

He looked back at me and shook his head at what the stupid doctor told us. He said "That's not happening. The bunnies stay". (See! He's a Crazy Bunny Guy!)

I love him.

So now, I really am in Texas (visiting the fam) and Huz is home alone with Hef and Holly. He's feeling better and said  if he said if he starts feeling bad, he'll wear a face mask to feed them, or will take a benadryl, or he'll go outside and get some fresh air. He is such a wonderful Husband and Bunny-Dad. When I get back, I'll be doing all the bunny care-taking, because I don't want to risk something like that happening to my gorgeous, sweet Huz again. 

Hey, that's what families do right? Sacrifice. I'll give up more time to do more bunny care on my own and Huz will give up... well, breathing I guess. And the, they're just spoiled rotten like always.

I love you Huz! And I love you Hef and Holly!

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  1. As much as it is not funny about Huz...this whole post made me LOL.