Friday, January 29, 2010


I bent the rules a little. My mom took this one with my phone. On the way to the airport, we stopped at Mighty Fine Burgers and I got to wash my hands in the super duper cool hand washing machine. I love it!
My Mighty Fine Burger was seriously the best burger I ever had... and it sure as hell better have been since stopping there made us late to the airport... which meant I couldn't check my luggage... which meant my parents had to send my huge bag via UPS and I didn't receive it until the next week... which meant I didn't have any of my stuff (clothes, makeup, hair stuff, etc) during that time. Also, it was a very rainy week... which meant that my bag got soaked through on the way to me... which meant my books and clothes and stuff were damaged and wet... along with my laptop. So my laptop doesn't work anymore, and I'm waiting for a response on the insurance claim I filed.

But... in this pic I didn't know any of that. I was just happily washing my hands. Sweet, ignorant, (clean) bliss.


  1. Oh no, that stinks!!!! Sorry about all your stuff. But hey, that's a nifty little hand-washing machine. :)

  2. I even got to wear a little blue circle sticker that says "I HAVE CLEAN HANDS". I was a bit of a show-off I guess... but I wanted the people on the plane to know that I was not going to spread germs on the flight!