Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Bunday: Mani/Pedi and Shopping with Jude

I'm thinking of doing a weekly Bunny specific post on Sundays. Sundays can be pretty hectic for us, so sometimes it may be a Monday Bunday post.

Today, I took Jude to get her nails did. Save A Bunny does free nail trims for Bunnys regularly, so I took her in and made a donation. I also got her a cute little carrier (smaller and with a messenger bag type strap) so I have the option to take her more places. It worked out really well. We met my aunt and cousin at Kohl's for a little shopping, and Jude went in with me in the tote. It was great!

At Kohl's, we found the CUTEST candle that incorporate two of my favorite things ever, Cupcakes and Bunnies! I bought this adorable little thing (on sale- woot!). I love the little white bunny on top. Totally reminds me of Hef! The colors match my kitchen perfectly. I'm really happy with my little purchase.

This concludes my first ever Sunday Bunday!

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