Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Bunday: What do The Buns eat?

My fattie Buns would eat anything they could get their paws on if I let them. They have such a sweet tooth, and know how to beg with the best of them. They're curious, and always want in on whatever we're having. They're spoiled, so they have stuff that's appropriate for them, but we make sure they love it.

Our bunnies eat timothy hay and orchard grass, depeneding on what'd available. We get our grass by the trunkload from an even crazier bunny lady than I am. She is amazing. We buy hay from her at a waaaay better price than we get at a pet food store. It's great. We also give The Buns fresh greens. Sometimes it's broccoli, carrot or beet greens, sometimes cilantro or alfalfa, and sometimes it's lettuces. They can NOT have iceberg lettuce though. We don't even really keep it in the house. It doesn't have any nutrients for them. But dark leafy green or purple stuff is great!

We give them a treat or two in there too. This time it was grapes, but they love pieces of carrot, or banana, pears and strawberries- anything sweet. Huz has a food dehydrator, so he's going to try to dry fruit in there for us and The Buns. In the summer, we get to pick stuff for them fresh from our garden (they're very considerate sometimes, and don't want us to trouble ourselves, so they'll just help themselves... sneakly little buns!)

We give them fresh grass every day (sometimes twice a day depending on how active and hungry they are that day). They get greens most days, and love it. We try to keep the sweets and treats to a few times a week, and special occassions. They also have plenty of edible/chewable toys that they love. Like Huz and I, they love supper time, and appreciate a nice, homemade meal.
Doesn't this salad look delish?

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