Monday, March 28, 2011

My Sister

My baby sister is 8 years younger than me. Growing up, she loved Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, and Tinkerbell. She is funny and caring and sarcastic and a fabulous baker. She dances beautifully, and always looks gorgeous. We fought a lot and bumped heads often growing up. What can I say, we're sisters and knew exactly what buttons to push with each other. As we get older, I value her and her imput so much. She doesn't always do everything the way I would (and I think the reverse is true as well), but I am proud of her.

My baby sister is no longer a baby. She's 18. Until today, she lived with my parents. For most of my life, she was always right down the hall. And even after I was old and married, she was always just a phone call or text away. But today, my sister began a new adventure. I am now the proud older sister of a young woman in the Air Force. My brave, tenacious baby sister has chosen to serve our country, and I admire her so much. I can hardly believe that the little girl in pigtails and a tutu is now a grown woman, and an Airman as well.

We are a family of patriots. Huz and I spent the first three years of our relationship writing letters to each other while he served in the Army. We got married on the 4th of July. I have a special place in my heart for members of the armed forces. My sister will be in my prayers, along with all of the men and women who protect our freedom, their families, and the families of those who gave up their lives in the process.

I do worry about my family. My mom is taking it pretty hard, and I don't know exactly how to be there for her from all the way over here. My brother is now the only kid in the house (there were four of us) and he's going to be leaving for college next year. And my poor dad has to worry about everyone else. I wish there was something I could do. I guess it's just growing pains, but knowing that everything won't ever be the same again is a little sad.

Even though I am very proud of her, and respect her decision very much, I still worry about her, and miss her a lot. I know God will protect her, and I'll see her again soon. I just hope that the girl who dances around the living room, who can kick butt at XBox with the boys, or bake a killer dessert with the girls, who texts me pictures that she knows will make me laugh, and can wear the most ridiculous thing possible and still make it look good, will come home as well. I know the military will make her stonger, give her more direction and focus... but I don't want her to lose those parts about her that I love. I just try to have faith that it will be okay.

I can't wait to see my sister again. I don't think she likes Tinkerbell anymore, but I saw this and couldn't resist lol. It's so silly, but that's okay. =)

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