Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Holly!

Today we celebrated my Holly Heart's 3rd "birthday". It's actually the day we adopted her and brought her home from the shelter. She was there for a while, so we don't know *exactly* when her birthday is. We celebrate the wonderful day that we brought home a round little ball of fur and nerves, our first little girl bunny. Poor baby was completely frightened and was tense for so long. She and Hef fell in love literally overnight, and our Bunny Addiction grew.

Holly can sometimes be grumpy and lazy and bossy, but I'm thankful that she is comfortable enough to be those things. It means she really is at home here. And, she can also be sweet and loving and silly and so fun! She can still be that nervous furball, but I know that she knows she is loved by everyone (and everyBun) in this house.

Happy Birthday Holly! I love you!

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