Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Real Bunnies are not Easter Toys

When Huz and I adopted Hef and Holly, it was a few weeks after Easter and the shelter was filled with rabbits that had been dropped off after the novelty of an "Easter Bunny" had worn off. All those poor babies were left there when parents and children realized that Buns are actually a lot more work than they thought.

Children and rabbits aren't always the best combo. House rabbits are not meant to be alone, outside in a cage all day and all night. Bunnies are very social, and need to be with the family. And yes, they are so adorable and look cuddly, but bunnies don't really like to be picked up. In the wild, if they're picked up, it's usually by a bird or some other animal trying to eat it! Totally scary!

So, I know you guys, my awesome friends and family would never think to do anything stupid like giving a bunny to a child for Easter. But please, please, please if you know somebody who would, let them know that it's a horrible idea. Give Junior a chocolate bunny, or a little stuffed animal bunny. Or take him to pose for pictures with that scary-ass guy in a bunny costume at the mall. But don't give a rabbit at Easter.

After Easter, if they've done the proper research and are really ready to have a bunny as a part of their family, then they should ADOPT a rabbit from their local shelter (which will probably be over-run with buns dropped off by people who don't have awesome, informative friends like us).

Please see:
for more information.
Thank you!
Love, Huz, Hef, Holly, and me =)

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