Monday, March 22, 2010

Dog & Owner look alikes

Oh, I almost forgot! Huz and I went to the farmers market yesterday, and right when we were walking in, we saw 3 sets of dog/owner combos who totally looked like each other! It was sooooo funny, and we were cracking up as we walked into the market. It seemed like it was one pair after another! Huz even said, "I wonder if there's like some kind of look alike parade or something because this is too weird to be a coincidence."

The first pair was a big buff black guy and his really beautiful, dark pit bull. The pit bull was totally buff too, so I'm sure they are work out buddies. They both seemed happy to be out and about on such a nice Sunday. It was awesome!

The next set was a super tall and lanky white guy. On the end of his leash was this white and tan dog that looked kind of like a greyhound or something (maybe a whippit? I don't really know dog breeds that well). They were both so bouncy and walked so fast! But, before they rushed by, I saw that they definitely looked like each other! So cute!

Finally, as we were about to begin our grocery shopping, we saw this really short white lady with light brown hair wearing a track suit. Next to her was this adorable, tan, little-legged corgi. They were like a match made in heaven! Adorable!

Huz and I were giggling like little kids. I hope someday we get to have a dog that looks like us.
Mine will probably look like this:
(pic from
and Huz's will look like this:

(I can't remember where this one is from. If it's yours, let me know)

Haha! It makes me laugh just thinking about it!


  1. Haha, those would TOTALLY be your guys' dogs! It was nice to see you at the farmer's market! :)

  2. I loved seeing you there too! Secretly, I felt so special that I got to see you Saturday AND Sunday! After we saw you guys, Huz was like "You know what, we really should go to Japan soon!"
    ::crosses fingers that it happens soon!::