Friday, November 19, 2010


Huz and I had some of his cousins over tonight. With them came three boys, two 2-year-olds and a 1-year-old. All walking. All loud. All drooling and sticky and wanting to touch everything. And all completely adorable and fun.

Huz and I are NOT used to a lot of noise. Our house is usually pretty quiet. On a normal day, we'll light some candles and have a mellow or fun Pandora station on while we go about our routine. Or we watch TV or read or just talk together. But it's usually pretty low key and calm. Our bunnies don't really make noise, and my Huz is a pretty quiet guy. We're used to peace and quiet around here. I'm not sure what we were expecting with three Little Ones in the house, but I know we were unprepared.

We have a toy box with a bunch of pretty cool toys because sometimes our Godkids come over to play. I really thought we were ahead of the game for even having toys. I forgot that every other part of our house is not child-friendly. I had to make several trips from the living room to my craft room carrying our breakable stuff. I had to remember that it wasn't the end of the world when there were chips and crumbs ground into my carpet and drool and little toddler-sized hand prints on my furniture. I had to look to the kids' moms for confirmation that the very loud noises the boys were making were completely normal and nothing to be scared about. And I had to comfort the poor Buns and give them extra treats after everyone left, because I'm pretty sure they were all "WTH is this?!"

So, I'm not competely used to the whole kid thing. And our current lifestyle is definitely not conducive to having one. It'll happen when it's the right time, but tonight, I felt way in over our head. It was cuh-razy. But really a ton of fun. Seeing the boys play together, share, ask me to come help them with a toy, hearing them giggle at the bunnies and having a blast with each other and us... it was fabulous.

I definitely have to hand it to parents. I don't know how you guys run around with your kids all day every day. I don't know how you do it with or without an 8+ hour workday thrown in there. Huz and I played with these boys for like 2 hours and we're exhausted. Huz has his leg up and iced, I took two Tylenol to help my pounding head, and I am about to curl up in bed under my blankets with a heating pad and listen to the soft soothing sounds of the rain outside. We are total lightweights.

The three boys.

I'm pretty sure we'll be finding blocks and balls in random places for the next week.

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