Friday, November 19, 2010

Blanket Fort

Last night, Huz and I watched one of the funniest shows on TV: "Community". It makes me laugh every week! In the show, Troy and Abed (such a dynamic duo) make the world's most awesome Blanket Fort. As soon as the show ended, Huz and I looked at each other and yelled out "Blanket Fort!" We rearranged the couches, raided our blanket closet, gathered every pillow in the house, grabbed a lantern and built our own blanket fort in the living room. We brought Jude in on the fun too (Hef and Holly were so not amused with us). We had a lot of fun in our fort, and it made me so glad that I have a Husband who not only goes along with such crazycakes ideas, but thinks them up too. =)


  1. OMG !! You and Huz seem to have the most fun - loving relationship !! SOOO AWESOME to see !

  2. Awww, Thanks C! Sometimes I think Huz and I will eventually morph into the same goofy, dorky, kid-at-heart person. =) We must have been made for each other.

    You and your H are beyond adorable! I always knew it, but those way too cute pics of you guys doing "yard work" sealed the deal. Love!