Sunday, November 21, 2010

How do those ladies

on the face wash commercials splash the water on their face like that? Their super powerful hands send up a huge wave of water in slow-mo and wash all that soap cleanly away. How do they do it?!

When I was little, I tried to wash my face like that. I scooped up a bunch of water in my hands and threw it up at my face. It did not all of a sudden go into slow-mo and make my face clean and beautiful. The water made the soap go in my eyes, I felt like I was drowning for about 3 seconds, and my mom got super-duper mad at me for getting water all over the bathroom.

Is it weird that I think about these ladies and their face wash commercials every time I scoop up water and try to wipe the soap off my face? (I'm still too scared to try splashing it again. It would be really embarrassing to drown in my own sink).

1 comment:

  1. Forget the water splashing (although that is a cool trick) I just want their skin! Every one of those ads has suckered me into trying their product in hopes my skin will be that lovely and it's never worked!