Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Breakfast in Bed Cupcakes

I absolutely love cupcakes. My kitchen is decorated with them, and I have clothes, accessories, and makeup that are cupcake related. I love baking them. But I don't really like to blog about the cupcakes I bake. I have friends who have baking blogs, and their amazing cupcakes completely blow mine out of the water. Yeah, my friends are pretty freaking talented.

Anyway, my church did a Bake Off Auction this Sunday. A bunch of ladies and gentlemen in the church baked some delicious goodies which were auctioned off to raise money for our Christmas production. And the baker of the goodie that sold for the highest amount got a really cool custom apron. It was a lot of fun.

There were some delicious-looking goodies there. The smell was amazing, and I wish I could have tasted a bit of everything. I wanted to bid on them all!

My contribution was two dozen "Breakfast in Bed" themed cupcakes. I made Peaches and Cream cupcakes with diced peaches and a creamy center, topped with home made vanilla buttercream and a peach (see how it looked like sunnyside up eggs?! ::wink::) I also made French Toast Cupcakes with home made maple buttercream and hickory smoked bacon on top. It was so fun to put my display together and make it look like a real breakfast! And, it was really cool to hear people's comments about how creative and fun they were. I was really proud!

My cupcakes didn't win, but they did make $40 for the fundraiser. The winner was a five-tiered strawberry short cake (tall cake?) that sold for $100! It's okay though. When you're earning money for a great cause, second place still tastes sweet. ;) And there's always next year right?!


  1. Those.are.AWESOME, and I WANT that french toast bacon concoction, oh yes I do!! Yum!

  2. Those are so cool! And I'm with stumpy, that french toast concoction sounds sooo good!

  3. Thanks Ladies! I'll be honest... they were really good! :D