Thursday, April 29, 2010

I gave blood!

So, I have always had a totally irrational, hugified fear of needles. I hate them. The idea of getting a shot makes me a little dizzy and sick to my stomach. I get nervous and get chills. It's not cute.

But I made it my goal to donate blood by my 26th birthday (which is May 8th), and I really wanted to accomplish that. I figured if I can face my fear and do something to help somebody else, it's a total win win! I also got my O negative blood from my mom... and I've heard that I'm a "Universal Donor", so I feel like it's my responsibility to donate blood to others. (I could totally save your life Sucka!)

Huz went with me and donated blood too. He is so supportive and always makes me feel safe, so it was so great to have him there. Seeing him smile and be proud of me was a really nice prize when it was all over!

It was a little traumatic... the 3 people helping me couldn't find my veins... they tried both arms and were having trouble. I let them know that when I get blood drawn at the doctor's, they usually take it from the back of my hand. The nice lady said "Oh, our needles are too big for that. If we try to take the blood from your hand, it will completely explode your vein".

Uhhh..... thanks lady for completely terrifying me! So then I started crying a little. I totally cry when I get nervous or anxious. So that got THEM worried and they were like "Well, if you're nervous, you can always come back another time.". I was all "You Crazy Heads, I'm going to be nervous no matter what the heck day I come back! I just want to do it now!"

So, I closed my eyes, cried just a little bit more, and turned my head away. It hurt, and I was really worried about moving my arm, but the nice lady talked with me and told me all the gossip. I squeezed the crap outta that little rubber ball, and I filled up my little baggie in no time!

Afterward, everyone around me smiled and said they were really proud of me (and yeah, these were all total strangers!) One lady clapped, and every one was super nice. Now, I know this is not PC, but I kind of think that maybe they thought I was "slow" or really young or something because they seemed really impressed and very happy for me that I gave blood. Or maybe they were just really nice and saw that I was taking pictures and stuff... whatever, everyone was super nice and smiley and I was totally an attention whore so it was all good! =)

I relaxed and had cookies and apple juice in the little snack area and hung out for a bit (that's where the picture above was taken). I got a cool sticker and a red bandage on my arm, and I've totally been showing it off.

And that is the story of how this Trypanophobic donated blood!


  1. Good for you!

    BTW, I found your blog via the Nest, I'm your newest follower :-)

  2. Thanks guys!!! =)

    And thanks for finding me Tamara! I'm so happy you're reading, and super excited to follow you too!