Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hef and Holly get a Buñata

The Buns got a special treat Saturday night that they looooooove! While I was out with some of my awesome girlfriends at dinner Friday night, Huz had to fend for himself. He got a burrito from one of our favorite places and brought it home in a brown paper bag (the restaurant sends them in it).

I found the bag on the counter Saturday and decided to make the buns a treat bag. I just put some Timothy Hay (the staple of their diet), some dark, leafy greens, a few pieces of carrot and a chew toy that they like in it and rolled it up. They love tearing into it and finding all the treats! It's like watching kids break open a piñata at a party! So fun!

I recorded them on my crappy phone and figured I would share it.

As you may have noticed, Hef found a piece of carrot and ran and hid. They're terrible sharers and always hide their food from each other =). Don't worry though, because Holly totally found a way bigger carrot right after I stopped recording. Take that Stingy Hef =P haha!


  1. I love how their cheeks practically vibrate while they eat. Thanks for this.

  2. I agree Mrs. T! Watching them eat and clean their ears are two of my favorite things on the planet =)