Sunday, May 16, 2010

30 before the big Three Oh!

So far, I'm really loving 26 (I know it's only been like a week, but it's been a pretty good week!) Recently I was cleaning out my dresser and refolding and organizing my clothes. I came across a memory book I made back when I was in high school that holds tons of pictures and lists and random thoughts I had at 16. One of the lists was of stuff I wanted to do. So, 10 years later, I decided to use some of them (along with others that I have been thinking about for a long time) and make my 30 before 30 list.

In no particular order, my list of 30 things I want to do/try/accomplish before turning 30!

1. celebrate my Huz turning 30!
2.finish training and be the best counselor I can be for the pregnancy center I volunteer at
3. become and stay debt free
4. donate blood (completed on 5/6/10 and will continue to donate regularly!)
5. earn my Bachelor's degree
6. learn to use my sewing machine and make something for each of my godkids
7. knit a full scarf (I finished my very first scarf while in Texas over New Years. It was a pretty purple fluffy one that was a gift for my mom. I also taught my little sister how to knit and encouraged my other younger sister to learn to crochet. We spent the whole visit being crafty little old ladies! My second scarf was started on the flight back home! Woohoo!)
8. travel to Japan
9. Visit Las Vegas
10. bond all three bunnies together!
11. read the entire bible
12. sponsor a second child through World Vision
13. see Prince in concert
14. look into adopting a child to start our family
15. participate in a race/walk/ or run for a cause I believe in
16. declutter my life and house and recycle or donate the things I don't need anymore.
17. take a self defense class
18. make a family tree
19. write our Love Story
20. find a ministry to get involved in at church and let God use me there I am involved in our Young Adults ministry, I was involved in the Christmas Production (so fun!) and am going to be joining a Married Couples Bible Study. I'm loving it!
21. organize my recipes
22. learn Spanish
23. get into Grad school
24. organize a clothing drive for CPC
25. go on a mission trip
26. get in the best shape of my life and feel fabulous in my own skin
27. bake a cake or cupcakes from scratch
28. own my very own gun
29. be in the habit of tithing/donating at least 10% of our income, saving 10%, putting 20% toward retirement and living off only 60%
30. climb Half Dome

So much to do! I better get started! =)


  1. Good list! I particularly like #8 and plan to coax that one into action within the next 2.5 years. :)

  2. Thanks P! =) And Huz and I have been talking about it more and more lately. It's something we both want to do soon!