Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm a Foster Mama!

Huz's grandmother's neighbor got this little guy for her daughter around Easter. She named him Justin Beiber. =/
Recently, they got the little girl a $1K "designer" breed puppy, and the little girl lost interest in the bunny. They were going to go and "release" him in a local park (so not the best idea for a tame rabbit. He wouldn't even begin to know how to survive.) Huz and I took him in and are calling him Jude. We're going to try to find a fabulous home for him.

He is really a sweetheart. In just the few hours he's been here, he's starting to relax and become a bit more outgoing and curious. He loves to be pet on the head, tolerates being picked up pretty well, and likes playing with toys. That was fun for me to see, because my buns usually don't give a crap about toys (they have about a million of them, the spoiled brats! lol) He's a burrower, so he has a little t-shirt that he digs and rearanges. It's super cute.

It's so funny to see another example of how different bunnies' personalities can be! If you don't own a rabbit, it can seem like they'd all be the same (kind of what I would think about fish, because I don't have them). But, they really are different and have different interests, preferences, dislikes, favorite snacks and habits.

Hef spends all his time trying to break out of his house. And then, as soon as he's out, he wants to be in. He is super active, curious and mischeivous. He loves to chew on stuff (whether it's his or not) He really keeps us on our toes. And, he'll do anything for a treat. He recognizes the sound of the refrigerator opening, vegetables being cut, and his bag of hay being opened. And he completely expects to have something delicious presented to him immediately after hearing these noises. He is my crazy little Dennis the Menace Bunny and I love him!

My little Holly is a sweet, shy, timid little girl. She prefers to stay close to home, but will go anywhere Hef is. She is absolutely in love with him. When she gets scared or nervous, she covers her face in his fur. She gladly accepts any treat offered, and then runs over to enjoy it in her favorite spot- her bed (a girl after my own heart lol).

So that's what's new in the Crazy Bunny House. We've got a new addition for now, and I hope this is a new beginning for the little guy. My hope for him is that he gets the perfect family who will love and cuddle and play with him. As I'm typing, he's resting in my lap after the eventful day he's had. ::happy sigh:: This is the life. =)


  1. I dont know why you changed his name. hahahaha =p

  2. Haha! Hasn't the poor guy been through enough? I didn't want him subjected to Beiber Fever Part Deux. =P