Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Crazy Bunny Family...

is now officially one bunny crazier. =)

Huz and I decided that we just fell in love with sweet little Jude a bit too much to place her with someone else. She belongs here with us, and this is her home. We're so happy to have her (and we realize that adding another bunny makes us completely certifiable. We're cool with that.)

In case you forgot, I checked with our vet, and it was going to cost $500 dollars for us to get Jude spayed there. Yeah, you read that right. 500 benjamins, c-notes, bucks, smackeroos, bones, clams, greenbacks, dead presidents...that is a lot of sweet moolah. So, I made some calls and found the Palo Alto Spay and Neuter Clinic. They gave me an estimate of $85. So now we have a Spay Day set up for Jude. I'm really excited about that! (I don't think Jude shares my enthusiasm).

So here begins life as we know it... with three bunnies!

Welcome to the family Jude!

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