Monday, June 21, 2010


For weeks and weeks, I have wanted to write about how inspired I am by a blog I read. Enjoying the Small Things is an amazing blog, and I swear, I leave my desk blubbering like a baby way too often after reading. I started reading shortly after Kelle had her second daughter, and I am making my way through the blog from the beginning. The amount of love captured in her writing and photos is indescribable. I feel renewed and inspired, and hopeful for my future family after reading her posts. She has a talent for seeing the beauty and good in so many things, and not only survives what may be one of the most challenging things anyone has to face, but embraces it and counts it as her blessing.

When I read the birth story of her second daughter, Nella, I cried my eyes out. I cried more than I had in years. Her words and images really impacted me and I was left thinking about her blog for days after. She is so honest and creates beauty with her words. I appreciate her openness and the way she sees things. You can tell that she really loves life and is thankful for what she has, and I really appreciate that.

So, I really encourage you to follow her blog (if you're not already doing so). Just a warning, you may come away inspired or in tears, and probably both.


  1. oh i LOVE her blog. I cried I think for 3 days after I read her birth story. Just because of how amazing it was written. Her words still stick with me from her story of that day. Good blog!!

  2. I love her blog also, she's amazing!