Monday, November 23, 2009

Moment of Weakness

Gah! I had a moment of weakness. I almost couldn't control myself. I know it wouldn't have been the best thing for me, or for Adam, or the buns. But I really really really wanted to.... get another bunny.

My friend Cynthia texted me about a cute little black bunny that she found. A poor little orphan. A little guy in need of a home! I couldn't help but imagine how cute he would be laying there with Hef and Holly.... Hef is white and Holly is brown.... with a little black bunny, they would have looked like the black & white and Sepia colors in a photograph! I even had a name picked out for him! He would have been Ninja.

Unfortunately, Huz put his foot down. No little Ninja for me =( He did make some clear and reasonable points, and deep down in side, I KNOW it wouldn't be the best thing for any of us. I am a responsible pet owner.... but I still thought it would have been so cute to have him with us.

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