Saturday, February 6, 2010


Huz eating dinner while we watch TV... I swear, when we have kids, we'll stop eating in front of the TV!


  1. 1. Why is he wearing sunglasses to eat?
    2. The eating in front of the tv doesnt stop. :)

  2. Oh! Those were the 3-D glasses that didn't work. I think we were watching our DVR'd Grammys.
    Ugh! I know, we'll have to work super hard at that. We always eat and watch TV... it's going to be a hard habit to break (someday).

  3. lol. You are not a bad parent if you let your kid watch some tv. :)
    And we tried the Avatar glasses too...yeah, that was a no go.

  4. Yeah, maybe, but we already watch WAY too much TV. I don't want a tv addicted baby too lol. It'll be good for us to cut back. Besides, I am totally hopelessly old fashioned, and have visions of us all sitting around the table, eating and talking about our day. =)

    Disclaimer: Huz and I are not pregnant, and have no immediate plans to become so. We're still waiting. =)